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Mega moolah on virtual casinos


Virtual casinos – If you’re a fan of slot machines you’ve probably tested all kinds of games available on mobile and PC. It’s also probably safe to assume that you want the most impressive slot with the best payout. We’re here to tell you that there’s a slot machine that’s different from all others, and it’s called Mega Moolah. This slot machine is based on a series of huge progressive jackpots that can fulfill any lucky player’s wildest dreams.

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The great part about Mega Moolah is that every player has the same chances of winning. Furthermore, this video slot is verified and audited by the game provider Microgaming. For those who don’t know, Microgaming is the privileged partner of the top performing virtual casinos. Also, Microgaming only allows Mega Moolah on legal online casinos and in countries that allow (or tolerate) online betting with real money.

A Millionaire Factory

It’s safe to assume that a reason this slot machine is so popular is because at least one player every month wins a mega jackpot of over a million. That’s an astonishing 7-figure jackpot! With consistency like this, you can consider Mega Moolah as a kind of lottery. And just like the lottery, luck is the most important factor.

Big wins on Mega Moolah every month

Just this year, more than 5 players have won astronomical sums, shown on the Mega Moolah section on OCP’s guide ( Another highlight is that the Mega Jackpot reboots to one million each time there’s a winner. However, if no one cracks the winning combination, the amount in the kitty increases each time a player places a bet. Once again, another similarity to the lottery.

Please be aware that luck-based games like this can be addictive. Therefore, it’s imperative to play it in moderation. As a rule, you should never bet above your financial means. The ever-responsible provider, Microgaming, like its affiliated casinos, provides players with a help service in case of addictive behavior. A Mega Moolah player can ask for help anytime if they feel they’re gambling compulsively. In addition, casinos hosting Mega Moolah won’t hesitate to contact their customers if they feel that a player is betting unreasonable amounts of money.

Mega Moolah in the media

This slot machine is so popular, even the press is talking about it! It has also been cited by the Guinness Book of Records. In short, the biggest wins at online casinos are on this slot machine. Even the largest land-based casinos in Canada can’t beat Mega Moolah. You’d have to go to Las Vegas City or Macao to find similar jackpot wins.

Why are the jackpots so big at Mega Moolah?

The reason is simple: every time a bet is made to Mega Moolah, a fraction of it is used to fuel the jackpot. The pot just keeps increasing until there’s a winner. Then, once the jackpot has been won, it automatically reboots to one million. It’s that simple!

The other reason for its success is that it’s connected to hundreds of different online casinos. This game is part of a huge network of online casinos, and thus always has lots of players betting at the same time.

Online casinos linked to Mega Moolah

Whichever online casino you choose to play Mega Moolah on, the chances of winning are the same. The internet is full of web guides that tout the merits of virtual casinos that have this slot machine. Online Casino Partners in Canada lists the Mega Moolah affiliated casinos.

There may be restrictions on this game depending on which country you play from, so you need to be careful. If in doubt, it’s best to check if you’re entitled to register at an online casino. For example, in the USA this game isn’t allowed, whereas in Canada, the UK and Europe, it is. Mega Moolah is licensed in almost 150 countries. On the other hand, you never need to worry about the legitimacy of this slot machine, as it’s controlled by Microgaming and gaming commissions based in Canada and Europe. To date, this online slot machine is one of the most reliable in the world.

virtual casinos

To learn more about the Mega Moolah, and the company behind the game, Microgaming, visit Here you’ll find a list of slot machines from the supplier and details of each one. Whether it be the Mega Moolah slot or any other game.

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