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Montreal self-cleaning public toilets costing $3.6 million! Check it out!


Montreal self-cleaning public toilets – Using a public washroom in Montreal could be a daunting experience – they are often filthy, smelly and downright disgusting. There is really no one to blame except the users themselves. It starts with one person who somehow manages to mess the floor, the toilet seat and sometimes even the walls. It leads to the next person having to perform an acrobatic act to relieve themselves and often adding to the mess out of necessity. The disrespect makes one question how these people keep their own homes.

Nonetheless, the Ville-Marie borough’s new initiative might bring a sigh of relief to those needing to be ‘relieved’ while out in the city. They recently approved a contract that will see 12 Self-Cleaning public toilets installed in the downtown area and in Old Montreal. And it’s been a long time coming.

But like most things in this city lately, there is already controversy surrounding it. The self-cleaning toilets are estimated to cost about $300,000 each and the first one was supposed to be in operation this August, but that has already been delayed to at least the autumn. As well, the Mirabel based company Atmosphäre, who specialize in designing urban public spaces, was the sole bidder who got the contract to install them and has been under scrutiny. Opposition party Projet Montréal called for their bid to be rejected because three administrators of Atmosphäre were connected to Imagineo Inc. – where the former director received a nine-month suspended prison sentence in 2014 and 2015 for offering bribes and submitting fake tax bills. The city claims Atmosphäre was scrutinized and that everything checks out – but requests by the Gazette newspaper to speak with the Ville-Marie borough or an official at City Hall were denied.

T Max Self Cleaning Toilet – Photo Toilitech 2

The self-cleaning ‘TMAX’ toilets are designed by the Italian firm Toilitech, who describe the system on their website as ‘Management, cleaning and PLUS® disinfection guarantee a perfect wash, disinfection and drying of the toilet. A combined patented system washes and dries the bowl top, while carrying out the scouring of floors, mechanical removal of debris and drying of floors with Lava;Tergipavimento® system… this toilet is suitable for highly frequented areas, which need extremely high standards of hygiene and disinfection’.

Poto: Hans van de Vlekkert

With all that said, I’m willing to be optimistic. Let’s hope this is one project the city comes through with, which will not come in way over-budget and delayed. It would be most welcome for those times when one has no choice but to use a public toilet.

Check out their video and see for yourself at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3H6-URBmK_U

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