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Montrealers can watch HDTV for Free


watch HDTV for Free – When Canada made the transition to digital television back in the summer of 2011, people were told they would no longer be able to pick up local analog TV signals. Many Montrealers, especially seniors, understood it to mean they would need to start paying for cable in order for them to watch any TV at all. But there’s a little secret no cable or satellite TV provider wants the public to know much about. It is free, over the air high definition TV – and Mario Trottier, a TV signal specialist knows how to make it happen.

Two years ago he designed a digital antenna, exclusive to Montreal, called the ‘HD Bunny’. It is a rabbit-ear digital HD antenna constructed to point at all the HDTV broadcast towers serving Montreal at the same time, maximizing the number of channels his customers are able to receive. He also installs his antennas using special customized equipment, a spectrum analyzer that determines exactly where the broadcast towers are in relation to his customer’s homes. It is saving people significant money, while offering access to some of the most popular HDTV channels.

All that you need to have in place is a flat screen TV not older than 8 years – and if not, a digital HDTV recorder will work and can be purchased for around $65 dollars.

Most people have no idea all the major U.S. networks (CBS, NBC, PBS, ABC and FOX) are available to them for free, nor that they do not need a cable or satellite subscription to watch local stations like CFCF 12, CBC, Global or TVA anymore. In addition, there are several free HD channels devoted to news, sports, weather and movies which are only available over the air.

Mario’s HD Bunny is a special Tri-Directional antenna – manufactured for the Montreal area. There are 3 different transmitter sites: Mount Royal, Mount Mansfield near Burlington & Lyon Mountain near Plattsburgh. Montrealers across the island can receive free signals for just about all the 22 HDTV channels currently accessible – with more soon to come. Just depending on the terrain and obstacles, you may not get all them all. For example, if you live in Outremont, Mount Royal will block the signal from Burlington.

Mario is a satellite and terrestrial TV signal specialist – and very well qualified in this area. He is considered an ‘expert’s expert’ when it comes to television. For over 30 years he’s been serving Montrealers by building & installing their satellite systems, closed circuit TV networks, antenna towers and pretty well everything and anything TV-related – all through his company Mario Trottier Services Techniques.

For more information or any questions you may have concerning installation and the antenna, please feel free to contact Mario 514-400-2159 www.watchHDfree.com

As seen in the Montreal Times
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