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Smile face recognition system is watching


Face recognition system – Rio de Janeiro will deploy the face recognition project during the Carnival period. This was reported to Agência Brasil by Secretary of State for the Military Police Department, Colonel Rogério Figueredo de Lacerda. This initiative will be put to the test first in Copacabana, the city’s most famous neighbourhood, which is paraded by several Carnival street-dancing groups. Using traffic and security cameras installed on poles and buildings, it will be possible to identify people who have arrest warrants issued in their names or check license plates of vehicles to see if they have been stolen.

The system will use software from phone company Oi and the footage will be transmitted directly to the Integrated Command and Control Center in Cidade Nova, in downtown Rio, where operators will cross-reference the information sent with the Police Department’s databases for cases of face recognition, and with the Traffic Department for license plates.

The ombudsman for the secretary, Colonel Mauro Fliess, told us that they chose Copacabana as a strategy option for the corporation’s command due to its specificity and size. One of the goals is the progress in Rio’s tourist safety. “Tourism is the new oil. A great effort has already been made throughout the areas most visited by tourists, and we are adding to that,” he said, adding that the project will reach other areas in town.

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