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The top five Apps to liven up any commute


A morning commute isn’t always the most fun thing in the world. There’s the stress of a crowded carriage, delays and of course this is all happening while you’re still waking up.

For the most part we lock our eyes into our cellphones, desperately trying to avoid eye contact with those around us. Which is perhaps no wonder, as well as avoiding eye contact, there are also hundreds of things to keep us entertained on our devices.

If you’re looking for some entertainment on your commute, here are our top five games in which to play…


Gone are the days where commuters would be doing the sudoku or crossword in the daily newspaper. We’re living in a digital world and you’ll find tons of sudoku apps available in the likes of the App Store and Google Play store.

It’s a real test of the brain and a great way to wake yourself up and leave you ready to face a day in the office. It’s old school commuter hobbies for the new age.

Online Slots

Gambling is huge in Canada and one of the quickest, easiest and most fun games to enjoy is online slots.

There are dozens of great apps and sites you can play at for free or with real money. What’s better than earning a bit of cash on your way in to work?

You’ll find real money games at www.slot-machines.ca which are ideal for playing, especially ahead of the likes of poker as they’re much quicker to get through.

Daily Fantasy Sports

Another real money game is daily fantasy sports. Fantasy football and the like are incredibly popular with players in Montreal and daily fantasy sports allow you to play each and every day.

Many people get their teams sorted on morning commutes, ready to discuss their bets with colleagues.

You can play a range of sports, including the likes of baseball, basketball and football, so there usually is something for every sports fan.

Word Games

Word and spelling games like Words With Friends are similarly useful for engaging your brain in thought ready to hit the ground running at work.

You can play with friends, or random players from all over the world, testing your brain and even proving to make you smarter. Certainly more than your favourite Instagram account will!

Angry Birds

Angry Birds has fast become a bit of a modern classic. It’s simple, quick and highly addictive so it’s no wonder it continues to be one of the world’s most popular games.

It’s grown into a real phenomenon and has been a household name for almost a decade now, spawning movies and more. Still, where it is at its best is on your 20 minute commuter journey into work.

Another movie is due so we’ll expect to see plenty more from Zynga, the game’s creator, in the next few years.

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