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The top tools making Canadian customers savvier than ever


Top tools making Canadian customers savvier – Whenever a business was looking to sell a product or a service to someone, the fundamental factor which would dictate the sale was, more often than not, the quality of the salesperson. So-called ‘salesmanship’ was a vital part of securing a customer purchase, with salespeople being coveted for their ability to bring in new customers and retain them for long periods of time.

It used to be that a salesperson would pitch why the potential customer needed their product, gloss it up a fair bit, and then the customer would make the decision based on the salesperson’s pitch. Now, while the ability of a salesman is still an essential factor, particularly in face-to-face meetings, customers are a lot more attuned to just about any area of interest.

This is thanks to ever-increasing spread and power of the internet, particularly the number of free-to-use informative websites. We’re not just talking about blogs, either, with top-class companies offering critical insights for free online. Here are some of the top sites from their respective fields that provide the chance for any newcomer to the scene to quickly get a firm grasp on everything that they need to know.

Understanding the expansive iGaming scene

A phenomenon of the increasingly powerful online platform, casino gaming has moved online to become more accessible than ever – transforming into the ‘iGaming’ scene. It used to be a small batch of sites and games, but the industry has exploded in recent years. Now, there are hundreds of gaming sites and hundreds of thousands of games to play.

Navigating this scene, particularly with all of the salesperson-esque welcome offers on full display, can be difficult for a newcomer. So, Casino Horse established their clear-cut platform to offer user-friendly and informative casino reviews, game reviews, news, and bonus details on one convenient site. So, Canadian customers can skip past the flashing lights and get the core information that’s the most important to their future enjoyment.

Help with finances for the first time

One of the most difficult transition periods in life is becoming financially independent. In modern times, there are so many different expenses to factor in monthly and annually, from the mortgage or rent to acquiring and paying for transport. This is why financial comparison websites which also offer guides have become so popular. Take Finder, for example; the site covers everything from internet plans to loans and credit cards.

While these comparison tools are useful, what’s most helpful to newcomers is the other information provided. Finder offers comparison tools as well as necessary information for beginners in many key categories, as shown by their ‘car loans for first-time buyers’ page. It clearly lays out a topic-by-topic guide to help first-time buyers fully understand what’s going on and why.

Breaking into the stock market

top tools making Canadian customers savvier

The stock market has long been famed as a playground for the rich and the extremely financially-savvy, but the internet has helped to democratize the whole scene. It has even become so accessible that people can buy and sell stocks through mobile phone apps in some countries. However, regardless of how much money you have, reaching a passable level of knowledge to play the stock market isn’t easy.

Enter Investopedia, an online resource that aims to help people understand the terms, processes, and everything else that there is to do with investing in stocks. For beginners, as you’d assume, their ‘A Beginner’s Guide’ breaks down everything that you need to do to at least have a base level of understanding, which will allow you to get involved in trading. Stocks can be a daunting area to explore, but the guide clearly lays out all of your options and the essential terms.

It’s a strange new world for salespeople as thanks to leading online tools, customers are savvier than ever before.

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