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The UK’s online slot machine business


Since the UK government regulated the remote gambling industry, online slot machine providers have never been so busy. It officially kicked off in 2005 when the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) took over regulating online gambling in all areas. In just one year, almost 100 operators were awarded operating licenses allowing them to promote their online gaming sites in Britain.

The most emblematic of these digital platforms can be seen on the Mega Moolah site, a guide designed for progressive slot machines players.

Online slots on all gambling platforms

Whether you’re on a betting, bingo, poker or casino site, slot machines are everywhere. Unlike the first online gambling and betting sites launched before 2005, the majority of gambling sites now offer slots in their game libraries. Operators do this to diversify and, of course, to generate larger business volumes.

Games generating the most business

The numbers speak for themselves with casino slots. Roughly speaking, in the UK, slot machines represent over 80% of the business volumes of online and land-based casinos. We are well past the days when Blackjack and Roulette tables were the favourite games of casino goers. This is mainly because the tastes and desires of players have simply evolved over time. Traditional gambling games are indeed, in the long run, a bit monotonous, which is not the case with the slot machines. Slots providers know how to make their games attractive with all kinds of exciting themes and prizes.

Mega Moolah – A popular concept

In the online slot machine jungle, Microgaming has managed to pull ahead with the most visited casinos in the UK by providing a progressive slot with a giant jackpot. This game is inspired by the Las Vegas network, a formula that appeals to the general public.

Surprisingly, the Mega Moolah online slot is the only one on the market to stand out on online casinos in the UK. Even though there are nearly 50 online slot machine providers in the gambling industry! This network game is in the games catalogue of around fifty British online casinos. Among these casinos, only a handful are internationally recognised. You can find these sites listed on the UK slots sites section of the Mega Moolah One guide.

Gambling in the UK – Ups and Downs

In the UK, betting on games is part of the culture – and real money gambling games are no exception. After regulating remote casino games in 2005, the sector experienced an unprecedented boom. Like any successful business, it attracted an avalanche of investors looking for profit. Unfortunately, this only led to problems. Inundated with casino advertising, more and more people in the UK became compulsive gamblers. Out of the mass of British players, a worryingly large fraction became addicted.

Anti-gambling associations wasted no time in alerting the authorities so that limits could be set. However, it wasn’t until 2011 that the UKGC finally acted. Various anti-gambling programs have now been imposed on remote gaming platforms, and there are colossal fines for any operator not complying with the new standards put in place.

2020 – A new panorama

In early 2020, additional restrictions were introduced to controls operators who tended to ignore laws and limits set by the UK government. As a result, more than a third of gambling operators had to withdraw from the market.

The best thing about the new standards introduced by UKGC is that the consumer is now 100% protected. Now, no gambling site can use any form of promotion that encourages compulsive gambling, and the use of credit cards for betting has been banned.

As pioneers in the regulation of remote gambling, the UK model has become a global benchmark in many countries. In fact, some Scandinavian and European countries have also chosen to implement new standards which are in the interests of consumers. In short, online gambling in the UK is now under state supervision to preserve public health and avoid any risk of over-indebtedness or of tragedies linked to pathological gambling.

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