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Things you need to launch a virtual gaming business


Things You Need to Launch a Virtual Gaming Business

So you think you should set up your iGaming site. Where to start? The industry has seen dramatic growth over the past several years, and the market is being entered by increasing numbers of operators. Follow our tips to ensure you stay ahead of your rivals and gain significant competitive advantages.

The easiest way is to buy a package solution, with a ready-made platform tailored to the specific needs of your business. Companies like BetInvest LTD offer iGaming software with a stunning range of features and easy integration. This way, administrative tasks are completed easily, and paperchase is eliminated. This corresponds to the first crucial element for any virtual betting business.


  1. Professional iGaming Software

Choose wisely, as your decision should start a long-term partnership. Your software provider has to have a proven understanding of the inner workings of the market, and a number of successful casino projects already launched.

The solution you select should be fully customizable, allowing you to monitor the whole process of its creation and subsequent operation.

Look for these essential elements in things you need to launch a virtual gaming business:

top-notch management system

wide betting market coverage

access to many international casino games

multi-currency payment options

front-end that is customizable

verified gambling license

reliable customer support

The above-mentioned features are typical for so-called white-label solutions. These enable business owners to get the software, license, and payment system on a lease basis. You will run your business based on turnkey infrastructure that is already available.

  1. Gambling Licence

Obtaining a licence is a hassle, with a lot of legal intricacies involved. The easiest solution is to simply be your software provider’s licensee. This way, you do not have to rack your brain over the many formal requirements, as well as costs and taxes present in your jurisdiction.

If, however, you are willing to do it on your own, be ready to consider various regulations in different jurisdictions. Some countries regulate gambling on their territories, some impose monopolies, some have little regulation, and some have banned gambling altogether. Remember that local legislation always prevails over international regulation, so getting a license from Curacao or Malta just won’t do the trick.

  1. What Betting Options will You Integrate?

These basic questions should help you select the best software provider according to your special needs. You could start small with just a casino or a sportsbook, and include more games after that business has taken off. In this case, any additions have to be smoothly integrated into your present environment.

  • Do you want to include only popular games (e.g., roulette, slots, etc.)?
  • Are you considering getting a live casino module?
  • Is in-play sports betting also attractive?
  • Do you need extra features (e.g., chat rooms, statistics, or tournaments)?

Online Payment options

  1. Decide on Your Payment Options

It is always recommended you pick a system with several payment options and different currencies accepted. Here, again, software providers will simplify the process by giving you a ready-made payment processing system integrated with the biggest e-merchants.

The better you are prepared for the business you are about to start, the fewer troubles will be faced in the future.



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