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Virtual Sport – The latest advancement in an ever-evolving gambling industry


Blink, and you’re at risk of missing a few developments in the rapidly evolving gambling industry. The multibillion-dollar sector moves faster than The Flash after he’s had his morning espresso. The latest advancement in a long list of progressive and experience-enhancing improvements to gambling is the introduction of Virtual Sport – The latest advancement. State-of-the-art graphics have made these computerized games almost as realistic as the sports they are based on, and they offer so many more betting opportunities because the events can take place at any time. Here’s why virtual sport may become ubiquitous in the industry in the near future.

Virtual Sport – The latest advancement

What are the main advantages of virtual sport?

Sports betting is a decades-old pastime and one which is particularly appealing to Canadians. 75 percent of adults in the country are said to have partaken in at least one form of gambling, putting the North American nation at number four in the world’s top gambling locations. Despite the popularity of betting on everything from ice hockey to soccer, staking on real-time sports can often be restrictive.

Bettors can only wager on games when they take place, which is usually on a weekly basis. So what are they supposed to do the rest of the time? And then there are other considerations such as weather conditions which sometimes lead to cancellations. Virtual sports came into existence as a way to answer these problems, and it has provided a solution that bettors are beginning to become accustomed to.

Virtual sports don’t need to rely on players and stadiums being available, and they are never affected by adverse weather conditions. The virtual athletes don’t tire, meaning they can play match after virtual match. This allows online bookmakers to offer a huge variety of markets for bettors to stake on when there isn’t any live sport available. This has been done with horse and dog racing for some time, but the up-to-date graphics have made these games more popular and this has led to their widespread use in the online betting industry.

How is virtual sport fair?

This is a common apprehension for players who move from playing live games to virtual ones. However, as all players who have used online casino games know, there are systems to ensure fairness in virtual gambling systems. This is because virtual gambling games use a complex algorithm called RNG to determine the outcome of events.

For the virtual sports betting at Royal Panda, the site makes it an attractive option to bettors by using RNG combined with other factors which influence betting markets. For example, if the bettor was staking on a virtual soccer match between Premier League champions Liverpool and certain-to-be-relegated Norwich, the RNG would be skewed in favour of the stronger side. It wouldn’t simply be a coin-toss to decide the outcome. In this way, it mirrors real-life soccer.

This gives bettors the opportunity to consider their bets in the same way as they would do if they were betting on live sports. For horse racing, things like form and jockey are factored into the algorithm and influence the way the RNG determines the outcome. After betting on a few virtual games, bettors will see that the computerized sports have strong similarities to their real-life counterparts.

Modern technology has made virtual games so realistic that they are now providing an excellent alternative for bettors when live sports are unavailable. Their constant availability is a major plus point, and the use of RNG means that everything is completely fair.

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