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Ways to save your money with HP Printer Inks


HP Printer Inks – We’ve all done it; bought a high-quality printer without considering the expense of replacing ink cartridges. Ink is big business for brands like HP as they can make so much money by selling what they term as a ‘genuine’ replacement.

HP suggests that one way to reduce the costs of printer ink are to purchase their XL cartridges which are more than twice the size of their normal cartridges. In reality, HP charges far more than the ink is worth and typically only provide 5g of ink per cartridge unless they manage to lure you into buying their XL cartridges which are the same physical size as their normal cartridges but just fuller – around 15g.

Rather than allowing HP to continue conning you out of your money, it’s time to act and shop elsewhere, but how do you get cheaper ink without buying a different model printer? It’s actually simpler than you’d think; compatible ink cartridges from specialist ink companies!

HP ink replacement has never been easier to find and there are so many ink companies that can provide you with high quality, low-cost ink and their service tend to be far superior to HP. We took a look to see what companies like this are offering.

When looking at the ink replacement sites, we focused on key specifics for HP Printer Inks:

·        Price – Prices ranged from 50% – 75% cheaper than HP and often the size of the cartridges were much larger than their big brand counterpart.

·        Delivery – All the companies we found offered either free or low-cost delivery. They also offer speedy delivery so that you aren’t kept waiting for your new ink.

·        Customer Service – Ink replacement companies are really hot on providing excellent customer service as they need your return business and the companies, we found were fantastic when it came to helping with our needs.

·        Availability – The great thing about an ink supplier is that they tend to have what you need when you need it rather than making you wait for stock or leaving you to try different shops to get refills.

Smartink.pro was one of those websites and it, along with most of the others came up as far exceeding what HP had to offer! The ink replacements are significantly cheaper and will allow you to print as much as you want whilst helping you to keep your bank balance in check.

So, when you next need ink for your HP printer follow these steps to make sure you save as much money as possible:

1.      Shop around for the best prices and special offers

2.      Always look to get XL cartridges if you want to get HP’s own ink

3.      Spend time looking for replacement ink specialists

4.      Don’t order ink that requires you pay for delivery as so many don’t

5.      Get your compatible cartridges from an ink company that values top-quality customer service.

If you follow our tips and consider using a replacement ink company then we are certain that you will save money and be impressed with the quality of ink and service that you receive.

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