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What are the benefits of learning Python?


IT pros are well aware of how the technological landscape is changing with time. There are over 500 programming languages and many more are to be launched. If you are a programmer, you must have so many questions as to which language should you learn to widen your horizons. Moreover, with powerful languages like Swift, R, Python, Rust, among others, the decision becomes even more difficult, so the question remains what are the benefits of learning Python?

Staying updated is the need of the hour and one language that can give you a competitive edge is Python. For the past few years, it has surpassed the dominance of Java for applications in various areas. Be it developing applications on the cloud, game development, data science projects, or machine learning projects, you would find Python to be the preferred language among developers.

Professionals who take Python training in Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, or any other city can surely grab the attention of hiring managers and enhance their career prospects. So, let us take a closer look at this fascinating language and why learning it would benefit you in the long run.

What is Python?

As the official website, Python.org states, Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language with dynamic semantics. Designed by Guido van Rossum in 1991, Python brings together remarkable power with very clear syntax. It includes interfaces to many system calls, libraries, and window systems as well as extensible in C or C++. Python is in fact portable i.e. it runs on operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, and on many variants of Unix.

Python is used in many applications like:

  • Web and internet development (offers frameworks like Django, Pyramid, and flask)
  • Scientific and numeric computing (using libraries like SciPy, NumPy, and Pandas)
  • Software development (offers SCons for build control, Buildbot for testing, Roundup for bug tracking and project management)
  • Building business applications (offers Odoo management software and Tryton application platform)

Benefits of Learning Python

Here are the top reasons why investing your time and effort in Python training is fruitful.

Python skill is in high demand

Whether you are considering a career as a data scientist, machine learning engineer, or even a web developer, Python is a must-have skill. Taking reference from Udemy for Business’ 2020 Workplace Learning Trends Report: The Skills of the Future, Forbes highlights that Python tops the list of 10 most popular tech skills in 2020. Others include React, Angular, machine learning, docker, and Django.   

Become highly paid

Python developers are one of the highly paid professionals across countries. Python skills can let you earn an average annual salary of around $90K in the US alone (as per Payscale). Software engineers, data scientists, and machine learning engineers are the top job roles that require Python skills. Here are the salary figures.

  • Senior Software engineer – $124K
  • Data scientist – $97K
  • Machine learning engineer – $112K

Benefits of learning Python – Get hired by top companies

Though there are many IT companies, large enterprises as well as startups, it is often not easy to make it to the world-renowned MNCs. Google, Facebook, Quora, Instagram, Spotify, Dropbox are among the top tech companies that use Python widely and are in need of skilled Python developers. So, if you always were looking for ways to get employed by them, then learning Python can be your way.

Learn it easily

One of the basic issues that programmers face while learning any new language is their complex syntax and weird rules. Fortunately, Python is known for its simplicity and readability. Its syntax is very easy to understand and has English-like commands. This allows programmers to learn Python faster compared to other languages. There are many online resources as well which can get you started in Python.

Rich set of libraries

A major reason why developers love Python is the availability of a range of open-source libraries, modules, and frameworks that allow them to develop custom applications easily. As mentioned earlier, Django and Flask are popular libraries offered by Python for web development. And for professionals working in data science-related projects, NumPy and SciPy are the go-to libraries.

Make a career switch

There are many software professionals who are willing to switch their domain from their current role. So, learning Python will assist them in making a career switch to data science, big data, or artificial intelligence. A few years of IT experience combined with Python skills are what companies would love to have in professionals’ skill set while hiring for projects related to these domains.

Get Ready to Advance Your Career

We have discussed the compelling reasons why you should learn Python. Are you worried about the future growth of Python? Well, the fact that Python is not only used for web development but also but to implement and integrate modern data science technologies will make it relevant in the years to come. The world of data science and artificial intelligence has just started to grow and we are likely to see more of its applications. And Python will play a major role in it. So why not learn Python using an online training course. It will help you learn Python from scratch and that too from industry experts.

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