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The future of Online casinos


Future of Online casinos – Gambling has existed for centuries, millennia even. As societies and technology evolved, people decided to build establishments that would gather fellow gambling enthusiasts and allow them to play either against the house or against other players.

Naturally, gambling itself continued to evolve and, in modern day and time, we built grand casinos that have long been considered the most popular establishments where players could partake in various casino games.

However, as technology and, more importantly, the Internet, continued to develop and become more accessible, online casinos have started to slowly overtake brick-and-mortar casinos. Now, online casinos are many casino aficionados’ favorite places for playing.

What’s so Special About Online Casinos?

Simply put, they are way more accessible than land-based casinos. Moreover, it is a lot easier to fit countless game types inside a piece of software than to build an enormous building that can accommodate different games, tables, players, and casino personnel.

Therefore, players who opt to play online are spoilt for choice compared to the players who decide to play in brick-and-mortar casino establishments.

Online casinos combine numerous technological marvels to provide the players with the best experience, and the greatest thing about technology is that it never stops developing. While it evolves, it affects everything around it.

At this point, online casinos have existed for more than two decades, but it is still safe to say they are at their infantile stage. So, what does the future of online casinos look like? Well, we might find out sooner rather than later since many casinos’ future is already here.

Enter Blockchain

Blockchain is undoubtedly one of the newest technologies in today’s time. It is described as a digital ledger stored on a distributed network, which allows data to be distributed but not copied. However, without going into too much detail about blockchain itself, the biggest benefit that this technology has to offer to the online casino industry has to do with the way it is designed — blockchain is entirely decentralized.

In other words, in theory, every decentralized exchange that runs through blockchain is not regulated by any authority — naturally, blockchain products would still have to comply with the government’s laws or rules issued by gaming authorities.

One of the most well-known products of blockchain is cryptocurrencies. By using this digital currency form, casino players who play online bitcoin casino games are guaranteed to have immensely faster processing speeds, which is something that every casino player will surely appreciate. Moreover, since the transactions are not tied to any bank, players won’t be obliged to reveal as much information about themselves and can be sure that their privacy is protected.

We’re Virtually There Already

While there are numerous ways to integrate blockchain technology into online casinos, some even yet to be discovered, there are some technologies that are already here and are being used to further popularize the online casino industry; one of those technologies is virtual reality.

What was once just a figment of movie directors’ imagination has now become a reality, if you will excuse the pun. While virtual reality has been around for a while now, the technology is still relatively new. More importantly, it is heavily associated with the video game industry rather than the gaming industry. However, that didn’t stop some of the giants in the gaming industry to invest in developing this technology further.

In addition, certain software developers already provide the players with the opportunity to enjoy video slots in VR, so it wouldn’t be all that surprising to see every video slot in the future developed to be played in VR as this technology becomes more accessible.

Live Dealer Games

If you compare the two, the only area where land-based casinos pull ahead of their online counterparts is the live dealer casino games. However, at a pace technology is improving, who’s to say that’s going to be the case for much longer?

Many software developers that specialize in delivering live casino dealer games to online casinos are already taking steps to minimize the gap between the two and work on providing the most authentic experience to online casino fans.

Some of them introduce high-definition cameras that stream live dealer games and feature slow-motion captions to further enhance the experience, while others allow you to place bets alongside players playing from a land-based casino.


As you can see, technology has a massive impact on the development of online casinos, and it is undoubtedly going to impact and shape the future of the online casino industry. We’re not sure if the leaders in the industry will shift towards blockchain or VR technology or focus on providing the most authentic experience. Perhaps, it will be all of that combined or even something entirely new? One thing’s for certain, though — we’re excited to see where the future takes us!

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