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The transformative power of higher education: Keys to success in life


Whenever you try out for a new job and go to interviews, the big amount of questions will always be related to your education. Really, a lot of managers can simply have a more educated person pass instead of the one who has more skills or experience, and that’s just how important your degree is. You may not understand why it is like that, why your success in life is not completed without a Ph. D. or Master’s degree, why the job you’ve tried so hard for doesn’t even care about what you can do, but it’s an important topic for any employer.

If you’re double-guessing yourself after a job interview again, we’re here to explain to you why your degree will play a huge role in it next time.

Your work drive is the most important

Whether you’re taking notes constantly or just trying out new ideas for your thesis, you’re showing how active you can be in stressful situations. You’re committed to learning new information and having good use of it in practice, that’s exactly why your time in university is so important.

Every subject gives you a social skill, not only what a subject carries

Just think about how many subjects gave you strength to be an active adult right now. You may think that it’s not much, but clearly, every single one gave you the skill to achieve what you need as a normal human being in a society.

Let’s just take a simple English subject: it taught you how to communicate with people around you and how to make your thoughts accessible to the society members. Doesn’t matter if you’re applying for a new workplace or just talking to your parent on the phone – they probably understand you better now. Moreover, if you’ve studied other languages, a huge new cost of opportunities is opened up to you, and you can quickly communicate without a language barrier.

Another one is calculating prices, creating a budget, understanding simple life rules of our planet – that’s mathematics and physics or science, which you probably use every single day while driving, shopping, cooking and just observing the world around you. To this day people use their own skills more than technology, but the number is quickly decreasing.

Higher education brings you a higher salary

If we really start to talk about higher education now, that’s true and is already a fact that in every office, every hospital, café or any other workplace, even on https://customwriting.com/ the higher degree you have, the bigger your income is. Every place has some requirements and even if you simply look at what you need to have for a particular job, you’ll see how the amount of money changes from no degree place to the highest degree possible. It becomes very obvious that your well-being is straightly connected to your university degree.

You can only apply if you have a degree

When there are a lot of different people with or without skill fighting for a decent workplace, what managers do is just look at what their education story is. It’s the easiest way to pick the best people for the title, yet, if you don’t have higher education – you most probably won’t get the job you desire.

Nowadays, you can’t even apply for a certain position if you don’t have a degree, even for those that didn’t have any special requirements before. This list of jobs seems to grow more and more every day, and you should be conscious about your pick if you didn’t complete higher education. The simple rule for companies is less time you’ve been to university, the fewer skills you have, and you shouldn’t look down on that.

Why it’s so important to have a higher education to work

In case you’re really curious about why all these companies don’t want to accept you without a degree, we have a special list of skills that managers told us about. These are exact things that think you acquire when you graduate from college or university.

Learning and applying what you’ve earned to the real-life situations

This skill is probably the most important, you know how to cope with new data, how to organize and use it on practice without any mistakes. University makes you learn by yourself, and when you get a new job, you’ll have to do the same. Learning completely new techniques is a part of every career you can think of.

Being social

Every year in college and university all you can do is ask for help from your peers. With group projects and clubs, you socialize a lot, you use social media and gadgets, and it also includes a bit of teamwork, which is important in the workplace you’ll take. You learn from others and take advice.

Creating a schedule

Maybe you won’t be late to your job every day even if you don’t have a higher degree, and you won’t miss the essential meetings, but it’s still nice to have a personal schedule and not procrastinate. In university you’ve probably had a notebook or a planner with a time schedule, that’s when you acquire your time management skill.

The transformative power of education is really extremely evident in every company and workplace. You can’t really say that there are employees that have more skill while working on practice than those who have the highest degree because they both acquire experience with time, be it working in a hospital or getting practice in the health college in a class. Any professional can take some courses or training to go a level higher. The main point is to be responsible for any place and take your job seriously.


BIO: Crystal Roman is responsible and extremely social, and treats her job very seriously. After getting her Master’s Degree at a Washington University, she decided to upgrade her level and take several writing courses. Then, Crystal joined the team and became an essential part of it as of the year 2016. In her free time, she likes visiting new cafes and cooking Italian dishes.

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