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Things to consider before sending flowers to your loved ones at work


Sending flowers is one of the classic ways to impress someone and express your heartfelt feelings. Flowers convey love, care, admiration, and several other emotions in a beautiful manner without actually saying anything. Due to their charm and elegance, they come across as the most desirable gift for any occasion. A surprise delivery of flowers in the workplace can turn your loved one’s mundane day into an exciting one. Whether you want to convey birthday wishes to a friend who lives in Canada or surprise your long-distance girlfriend who lives there with her parents, the delivery of a fresh flower bouquet would be a great option to make them feel special. But there are certain things you need to keep in mind if you are trying to avail flower delivery in Canada at your friends or loved one’s workplace. Read further to know about them:

Think About the Person

While some may enjoy receiving flowers at the workplace, it may be completely off-putting for others. Therefore, it is important to check beforehand with the recipient and make sure if it’s fine with them. If they give you a thumbs up, then you can go ahead with the plan and send them beautiful flowers on special occasions.

Is it Okay to Have Flowers at Work?

Sometimes companies don’t allow flowers at offices due to allergy issues or because of the belief that flowers may come across as a distraction in the workplace. Therefore, you should speak to the person in advance if it is okay to send flowers to their office. Doing so will avoid any last-minute confusion.

If The Person Is Allergic To Flowers

Well, flowers may come across as the most desirable gift for the sender but they may not always be pleasing to the recipient. Especially, if the person is allergic to flowers. So it is important to check with the recipient if they are allergic to flowers or any one type of flower, in particular. Because seeing your loved ones falling sick in the workplace would be the last thing you would want. 

Don’t Send Flowers on a Holiday

When sending flowers online, make sure their delivery date doesn’t fall on a national holiday or weekend. As most of the offices remain closed on these days. In such a scenario, either the delivery will be returned or the recipient will receive stale flowers later. In both cases, the surprise will be ruined and so does your effort.

Don’t Send Flowers at Workplace on Sad Occasions

If you are thinking to send sympathy flowers to a friend or beloved who is recovering from the loss of a loved one, then it is better to not deliver the flowers at their workplace. Receiving the flowers may remind them of the sad event and upset their mood. Due to sad feelings, they won’t be able to concentrate on their work. You can attend the funeral services or meet them in a personal space to offer sympathy flowers along with your condolences.

If planned wisely and carefully the surprise flower delivery in Canada or any other country will surely make your loved ones feel special.

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