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Thoughts on New Fall 2013 Network TV Shows


By Ryan Rider



blacklist-ep-addresses-hannibal-comparisons-james-spader-explains-bald-headThe Blacklist (Mondays 10pm, NBC/Global)

The best new drama of 2013. It has a movie budget to compete against HBO, high quality sets. good casting and good acting. The first two episodes were captivating and show strong potential to be a hit series. James Spader in particular was a great choice to play Raymond “Red” Reddington, the criminal mastermind who is pulling all the strings. A full season was just ordered by NBC and rightfully so.

The Goldbergs (Tuesdays 9pm ABC/CTV)

I’m a big fan of nostalgia. I’m also a big fan of family sitcoms, but only when they’re done right. And judging from the initial two episodes, The Goldbergs is my favorite comedy of the 2013 Fall TV season. It’s both funny and heart-warming. Jeff Garlin as the father, Murray Goldberg had me laughing hysterically. A recommended watch.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Tuesdays 9:30pm FOX/8:30pm City)


Humor is similar to the Office but in the setting of a police station. It’s silly, sometimes very silly, but there seems to be something to it. I do like it so far.

Prediction: Reviews have been strong, ratings have been average. Wait a few weeks to see if ratings improve, but I say this lasts one full season.
We Are Men (CBS Monday 8:30pm/Global Sunday 7:30pm)


Only one episode has aired so far. This show is a real men’s show. Lots of male crude humor and sexism. I guess they’re trying to make it a male version of Sex and the City. Too soon to give a verdict on this one but I did enjoy the pilot.


Package Deal (Mondays 8:30pm, City)


One of only two new Canadian television shows. So yes we have to promote the few programs made in our country and not just simulcast from the States! The show starts off a bit slow but if you have patience it does pick up and offers quite a few laughs. I’ve seen Jay Malone and Harland Williams (who play the two brothers) many times at the Montreal Just for Laughs Festival, and they’re a pair of the funniest Canadian comedians. Eugene Levy and Pamela Anderson have recurring guest star roles.


The Michael J. Fox ShowMichael J. Fox Show (Wednesday 9:30pm, NBC/Global)


I was a big fan of Michael J. Fox in the past. Back to the Future and The Secret of My Success in particular are two of my favorite films. This show mixes reality and fiction as Michael J. Fox plays a family man returning to his job as a successful news anchor after taking a medical leave due to Parkinson’s; which as we all know he suffers from in real life. Michael seems to still have it, but many of the other characters annoy me, especially his bratty daughter. I hate to admit this, but up to this point it’s been quite a generic sitcom. Apparently it’s supposed to get better in episodes three and four, so I’m going to take the wait and see approach.

Prediction: NBC won a pricey bid for this show over the other networks. The entire first season has already been filmed so it’s a lock. However the ratings have not been good so unless that changes a second season is doubtful at this point.


Dads (Tuesday 8pm, FOX/City)


Awful. Worst show of the Fall 2013 season thus far. The trailer looked bad but I gave the show a chance because Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy) is the creator. Unfortunately, it’s just brutal. There was one funny scene in the pilot episode with the two dads, played by Peter Riegert and Martin Mull, where they both don’t want to pick up a coffee tab. Yet aside from that, just not funny at all.

Prediction: Won’t make it past December.
Mom (Mondays 9:30pm, CBS/City)


Mom is better than Dads. But that doesn’t mean much. This is the premise: A rehabbing druggie mom, her miserable drunk daughter, and a granddaughter who is a pregnant teen. I find it hard to relate to the characters. Anna Faris of Scary Movie fame is funny and carries the show as the middle daughter/mom but isn’t enough to save it.

Prediction: Most likely cancelled. Could make it to a full season, but guaranteed nothing further.
Trophy Wife (Tuesdays 9:30pm, ABC/CTV)


Boring…couldn’t make it to end of pilot episode.


Prediction: Cancelled before 10 episodes air.


TV news: ABC’s Lucky 7 cancelled after only 2 episodes. David Letterman extended his deal to host the Late Show through 2015. The Simpsons has been renewed for a 26th season (oh, and they’re going to kill off a main character in season 25; who I hear is supposed to be Mr. Burns).


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