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Vancouver gas price hits new high


If you thought gas prices in Montreal were high, think again. Gas prices in the City of Vancouver, BC reached a North American record breaking high of $1.69.9 per litre on April 12th. Although prices have been fluctuating between $1.59.9 to $1.68.9, according to Gas Buddy, it peaked at almost $1.70 at a Petro Canada station in White Rock. Last week on April 4th prices hit $1.67.9 per litre and was considered an all-time high – but that has proved to be short lived. When drivers pulled up to the pumps in this morning, it was clear the ‘record-breaking’ trend was not yet over.

Several factors have been cited for the increases, including the cost of gas in BC that had already been effected by two of the refineries in the state of Washington who supply the province, having been shut down and significantly lowering supply – and then BC’s carbon tax rising from $35 per tonne to $40 this month. And there doesn’t seem to be any relief in sight for now. Meanwhile in Montreal prices have risen at the pumps, fluctuating between $133.9 to $136.9 per litre on April 12th – yet nowhere as high as in Vancouver.

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