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West Island Cancer Wellness Centre – Lighten Up! Women’s Symposium Gives Back


By: Bonnie Wurst – mtltimes.ca


Symposium    ‘Lighten Up! Dare To Be Your Most Radiant Self’ is the name of a symposium being held for women on Sunday November 8th at the Chateau Vaudreuil. About 150 women will be gathering to take part in this all-day event, designed to help participants ‘expand their perspective and lighten their spirits’. And as much as the Symposium is focused on helping women to live their most ‘radiant lives’, it is also dedicated to giving something back to the community.

Sharon Cohen Naturopath Sharon Cohen, a well-known Naturopath and speaker, and ‘Bhaskar Goswami, a widely respected Yogi and Founder of Daana, will be the primary facilitators for the day leading participants through a number of different exercises – aimed to help women focus their energy and intentions and to move their lives forward. Exercises will include: learning how to meditate and practice gratitude and mindfulness, how to quiet your ego and expand your perspective and discovering methods to find and listen to your inner voice – amongst other wonderful initiatives.

Susan Wener    Keynote speaker Susan Wener is an educator, guide and teacher to people coping with life-threatening illnesses. A two-time cancer survivor, she espouses the belief that “saying it’s hopeless is like slamming the door in the face of God.” She will be sharing her life story and how she discovered that it’s really your perspective on life that matters the most. The organizers are also donating space to the West Island Cancer Wellness Centre (WICWC) where they will be able provide information about their organization and raise awareness about their programs.

WICWC is a registered charity ‘dedicated to offering compassionate care and support to anyone experiencing cancer – either having it themselves or supporting someone with cancer.’ They believe in a ‘whole-person integrated approach to wellness that focuses on improving the health and well-being of people living with cancer by addressing their emotional, physical and spiritual needs’.  All of their programs and services are free of charge and are created to support and complement traditional medical practices.

Lighten Up!      A Shoe and Boot Drive is also being organized in collaboration with Recycle Junk and Entourage. “With winter coming, there is a dire need for boots for the homeless. There is also a shortage of shoes specifically for women and are really needed to help support the many women who are living in shelters.”

Participants of the symposium are being encouraged to empty their closets of unused shoes and boots and donate them to help others.

Bhaskar Goswami         “For me, this symposium is a labour of love,” said Sharon. “Love for the women who came before me, love for myself and all my sisters who walk this path with me. It is the love of being a part of a community of women who are ready to create a healthier way of walking through life. Women who honour their feminine strength, stand in their authentic power and are of service to others without losing their inner balance…”

It is an opportunity for women to be in a safe, caring environment and able to explore, experience and embody their ability to nurture themselves. In other words… ‘Dare to be your most radiant self’ – and at the same time, being able to share that by giving back to their community.

If you are interested in participating in the symposium and registration (sliding scale) or finding out more about the Shoe and Boot Drive, contact Sharon Cohen at (514) 235-8900, email sharon.cohen@sympatico.ca or visit her website at www.sharoncohen.ca. For more information about the West Island Cancer Wellness Centre: http://wicwc.com



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