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What to know before joining a pay and play casino


Online gambling has really taken off in recent years. Offering a quick and easy alternative to real-life betting shops and casinos, thousands of punters have joined the crowd in what has become a frenzy. Sky Bet and William Hill are just two examples of companies who have made the transition, with football and horse racing bets being among the most popular. Online casinos have also been on the rise, with traditional casino properties such as roulette and black jack making the move into the world of virtual reality.

The newest advance in this age of online gambling is the phenomenon of Pay and Play casinos. This is where you are able to start up and play the classic online casino games simply by making a deposit from your online bank. Data from your bank account is collected and is forwarded to the operator of the casino, simplifying the whole signing up and verification processes. Most casinos stay compliant with rules set down, meaning it is just a quick way of playing your favourite games without long and tedious registration periods.

These kinds of websites don’t come risk-free, however, and there are always a few things to look out for. We’ve aimed to cover the most important things to know before you join a Pay and Play Casino.

Before you start gambling anywhere, you should always make sure the website you are using is properly licensed. There are a lot of dodgy sites out there, and just because they look appealing or advertise tempting offers doesn’t mean they are legitimate. You don’t want to give your money away to unlicensed companies, as there’s a great chance they won’t adhere to normal gambling rules and are more likely to rob you of your money. In the UK, the top licensing authorities include Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission and Alderney Gambling Control Commission; it’s always handy to check the website’s terms and conditions to make sure they are licensed by authorities such as these.

You should also consider how easy it is to withdraw money from your account on Pay and Play sites. These kind of websites can be particularly culpable for making it difficult to withdraw your winnings despite it being overly easy to deposit money. Some companies will let you deposit as much money as you like at any given time, making it easy to overspend. They can then go on to only let you withdraw a limited amount, so make sure you check the terms and conditions before playing.

With any gambling website, you have to make sure you don’t get addicted. This is mightily important with Pay and Play sites, as the ease with which you can deposit money can mean you get addicted much more quickly. Make sure you don’t go overboard too soon and are smart with your money, as it’ll give you a more enjoyable experience overall.

You should also make sure the website you are using has a good customer support system. Glitches can happen on any website at any time, and on Pay and Play casino pages this could result in you losing money or progress on a game. Make sure you research the company’s customer support before you deposit any money.

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