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When will you retire?


Retire – Statistics Canada says by 2030, the year in which the youngest baby boomers will reach 65, close to one in four people in Canada will be that age or older. That compares to 15.3 per cent in 2013. Data released by the Conference Board of Canada projects that the exodus of retirees from the workforce will slow Canada’s economic growth to an annualized rate of 1.7 per cent in the years between 2019 and 2021. Compare this to a rate averaging 2.8 per cent between 2000 and 2008.

Is retirement becoming a dirty word? Lots of people are choosing to work past 65 years old. This is by choice for now. Will governments start to change the age to receive benefits? As the biggest demographic wave in Canada’s history reaches retirement age, the province of Nova Scotia believes it knows how to weather the economic storm: encourage baby boomers to work longer.

Right now in Nova Scotia, 19 per cent of the population is over 65. By 2040 that will grow to 30 per cent. Nova Scotia and New Brunswick have the oldest populations in the country. The government is keen to convince even more seniors that there’s no need to head off to a life of leisure when you can stay employed and collect a paycheque.

Really? We can have the privilege to continue to work! I have a better idea. Why don’t we stay healthy and active and find new and interesting things to do? Why don’t we explore options such as living in retirement villages? Not retirement residences but actual villages geared toward active lifestyles for older people. There are lots of these being developed around the world but none that I can find in Quebec.

Here’s an example… the “Wellings of Picton.” All of the Wellings locations are specifically chosen for the mature adult who wishes to embrace an active lifestyle in communities across Ontario. They provide an environment where community members pursue their own passions, with the option to opt-in to the services they need.

Time Magazine, Maclean’s Magazine, and Conde Nast have all raved about The County and its celebration of tradition. Coined the “jewel” of Southern Ontario, Prince Edward County has something for everyone—from food and wine lovers to culture seekers, history buffs, antique collectors, photographers, boaters, and everything in between, the County is the perfect place to live.

The cuisine is inspired by local produce, and there are over 40 vineyards in the region along with a growing number of craft breweries and spirit distilleries for you to explore. Your family will be begging to visit!

The County’s arts scene is also thriving, with plenty of galleries and local artists making the region a beautiful and unique place to visit. The rural culture is a perfect way to enjoy your retirement lifestyle. Get out of the city and enjoy a new way of life. There’s lots of action to keep you and your visiting family busy.

We need villages like this in Quebec. There is a project that I am involved with exploring such developments. We have beautiful regions all over Quebec where such a lifestyle could become a reality. Don’t isolate our seniors in retirement homes. Create villages where everything is possible for our ageing population. Cheers.

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