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Montreal Canadiens End Of Year Post Mortem / Club 1909 Habs CHxCasino Video


I’m sure we were all on the same boat in the beginning of the season that this would be a hopeful season for the Canadiens but within a month you can tell that this was going to be a long season.  The injuries, lack of depth, players not playing to their potential. It all fell apart.

There was no consistency. There was hope during that 5 game winning streak in November but then it fell again. Then Weber got injured and the snowball began to roll and it kept becoming bigger and bigger.

As Geoff Molson joined Marc Bergevin for the 2017-18 end-of-season press conference at the Bell Sports Complex, the Habs owner was clear in his assessment of the team’s season.

“It goes without saying that I am – we are – all extremely disappointed with our season. When things go badly, we have a legitimate opportunity to re-evaluate everything we do with the objective of starting next season better and building for a more promising future,” Molson declared of the Canadiens’ 29-40-13 record to a room full of reporters. “The status quo is not acceptable. We are the NHL’s most storied franchise, and we owe it to our fans to achieve the standards of excellence that they expect.”

Look, it is what it is. The past is the past and we need to look forward to the future.  So here just some ideas I has for the team going forward:

Let’s start from the top…

Geoff Molson is a business man, not a hockey guy.  It’s time for the Canadiens to hire President of Hockey operations (this person would the middle man between Marc Bergevin and Geoff Molson). Many teams around the NHL including the Toronto Maple Leafs are doing this.  This would be ideal so that any player moves that MB does has to be signed off or at least talked about with the President.  Right now, since MB is staying with the team for awhile, this needs to be done.

Marc Bergevin: Geoff has given him a vote of confidence, so he will be around.  If the Canadiens get a high draft pick, they need to keep him and not trade him. Habs have no prospects. The team needs to get younger, faster and stronger down the middle. If the GM cannot address this this season then MB needs to go. Next season is his make or brake year.

Coaching: Honestly, I’m surprised that Claude Julien didn’t get much heat this season.  Perhaps it was his first year and yes the players’ he has under him doesn’t help the situation but I think it’s time look more into his coaching ways next season. Perhaps theres a reason the Bruins let him go (they are in the playoffs this year). Also, I think it’s time to part ways with assistant coaches.

Captain Pacioretty:  Ever since he went down with an injury there has been no word from Max. His play was just awful this season. The noise from the fans, media regarding trade rumors definitely took a toll on him and can tell it affected this play.  However, the upcoming season is huge for him. It’s contract year. He has a lot to prove to himself and to the league.

Carey Price: Let’s face it. He’s our goalie and he’s not going anywhere. So, Carey, just stay healthy and the rest will follow. It’s as easy as that.

Shea Webber and the defence:  Shea being injured the whole season really affected the defence.  Karl Usner didn’t pan out and the rest of the defence was not there.  Hopefully, Mette, and Julssen and some off season acquisitions will help Carey out in the back.

The rest:  The bright spot of the season was Gallager. He had a career year.  Other than that, everyone else fell flat.  Drouin is not a center and his play was just a disaster.  The coaching staff need play him on the wing and thats that. Galchenyuk,not sure of him anymore.  If i were in his skates, I think I’d want to play somewhere else. He’s got great talent but the staff use him are inconsistent with him and it has affected this career.  He’s a winger and should stay a winger.  The Habs’ lack of centermen is destroying their wingers.  Stop testing and just acquire some centers off season.

Again, I don’t go in details with these articles. These posts are for the casual fans and I’m sure even the casual fans can see what needs to be done. So for the city’s sake and the fans, let’s get some draft picks and start looking and feeling younger.

As for the fans, they still bleed blue blanc rouge. I recently attended a Club 1909 event and honestly it was great. The true fans still showed up. Prizes were awarded to club 1909 members and one lucky fan walked away with a Maurice Richard Jersey.  Events like this make me believe that the CH is strong and hopefully next year it will be stronger.

Watch the highlight video below of teh CHxCasino event. Cheers and go habs go!

For more info on Club 1909. You can visit their site here.

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