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Montreal Grind Now Shine Later dunk contest

Montreal Grind Now Shine Later dunk contest second annual promotes physical activity with a  competitive dunk contest. Jeux De La Rue organized a dunk contest for the young adults at Jarry Park on August the 14 , 2019.The contest had a total of 8 young Men who competed for the grand prize of  200 gift certificate at DG Kicks, a pair of Montreal Alouettes and Impact tickets.
 The Dunk contest was only part of the activities for young adults to participate in, there was a 3 on 3 basketball tournament, Soccer and various sports to promote Physical activity throughout the community.
Montreal Basketball
Photo Marika Guerin

Montreal Grind Now Shine Later dunk contest promotes physical activity

“Stuff like that keeps people out of the streets you know, Instead of going outside and doing something stupid I would rather just come outside to play basketball with each other,” Marlon contestant said.
 Instead of having young adults participate in illegal activity or stay inside behind the computer or video game screen events like the dunk contest provided the chance for young people to come outside and test their dunking skills.
“ It’s a good thing to get the kids active because most of the kids in the age group they just want to stay inside and play fortnite, so it’s a good thing to see kids active and it’s a good initiative for the city,” said Wizzy Moon Chaser host.
Montreal Basketball
Photo Marika Guerin

Stylish Grind Now Shine later t-shirts

The grand prize was not enough at the beginning, many of the athletes did not want to participate until they were given stylish Grind Now Shine later t-shirts that caused a line up. “Yeah i ain’t going to lie that was it,”  Marlon said.
Each participant had 2 dunk attempts and the best 3 dunkers would move on to the final round to compete for the grand prize.
Photo Marika Guerin
The contest became interesting when the community gathered around the basketball court as contestant Yoann was getting ready to attempt to dunk over a two spectators.
“It didn’t bother me having people that close around the court, I just needed space from the 3 point line and I’m good.” Yoann said.
 It came to a point where people were asked several times to back up to give him space to dunk but he enjoyed crowd around court.
 When Yoann completed the dunk over 2 people the crowd reacted with excitement by giving numerous high fives and praise from everyone around.The dunk contest should have been done there but the crowd wanted more and the two finalists Yoann and Marlon agreed to go for a few more rounds.
“When he jumped over the two guys he should have ended it off with that,I messed up as a host because I should have ended it off right there but he is the people’s champ and the right person won,”said Wizzy Moon Chaser.
“ I don’t think he was better than me, I think people just like him because he is shorter and he jumps higher but I was the best you know ,” Marlon said.
The decision of the winner was given to the crowd , The host Wizzy Moon Chaser would raise each of the finalist hand and whoever the crowd screamed for more would be the winner.
Photo Marika Guerin
The crowd screamed more for Yoann who completed another dunk this time over a Judge and not a spectator in the final round which made the crowd go into another frenzy.
“ I was hyped about it so I went on Youtube to see what dunks get people excited  and on purpose I wanted to keep my best dunk for last,” Yoann said.
 Yoann winning the dunk contest follows a list of  professional athletes who have participated at Events at Jeux De La Rue in the past. Chris Boucher who recently played for The Toronto Raptors and Chris Joseph who has professional basketball experience as well.
“ Good thing about some of our players is that they have played professionally in the NBA or Montreal Impact and they are role models for them,” Enrigue organiser from Jeux De La Rue said.
 The Dunk contest provided the ability for these young men to come  and do their best dunks instead of lingering around the streets or being stuck on social media.
By: Samuel Boafo – info@mtltimes.ca
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