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Psicobloc – Now in Montréal!


Psicobloc – If you like extreme sports, or watching extreme sports competitions, then don’t miss the Psicobloc competition, which is taking place from August 23 to 25 at Parc Jean-Drapeau.

Psicobloc is an extreme form of free rock climbing, and is expected to attract over 300 climbers from Canada, the U.S., Colombia, the U.K. and the Netherlands, and will compete for over $40,000 in prizes. The competitors will challenge each other to see who will be the fastest to climb to the top of a 55-foot tall rock wall; however, there will be no ropes used or no safety net at the bottom of the wall, which means competitors will either make their way to the top … or end up falling into the tank of water at the bottom.

“Psicobloc has its origins in Spain, in which it was called deep water soloing, where you climbed a wall above a deep body of water,” said co-organizer Sophie Claivaz, who is also a climber in her own right. “It’s not well known in North America, but its popularity is growing in Europe, so when we decided to stage the competition for the first time in Canada, we knew it had to be in Montreal, because it is well-known for staging and supporting large sporting events.”

Ms. Claivaz also remarked that the growing popularity of this extreme form of rock climbing has grown in popularity not only because of the growth of extreme sports around the world, but also the popularity of similar competition shows on TV such as “American Ninja Warrior”.

“These climbers are athletes who like to push themselves harder and harder and want to do something different. They are not afraid of heights and get quite the adrenaline rush from climbing,” she said. “And you don’t have to be a climber to enjoy Psicobloc. Audiences are always amazed at what these athletes can do when they do this type of climbing.”

For more information about the Psicobloc rock climbing competition – or to register as a participant – go to:


By: Stuart Nulman – info@mtltimes.ca

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