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Top Montreal sporting events you shouldn’t miss


Top Montreal sporting events – Montreal is one of the largest cities in Canada with a history dating back over 800 years. The culture, architecture and many other aspects paint a city that boasts a rich heritage.  Like most cities in the country, sports is at the center of life in Montreal. It was the top Sports City in 2018 due to its reputation for hosting successful events.  

Here is a guide of top Montreal sporting events and venues you must visit.

  1. Cheer the Habs at the Bell Centre

If you plan to visit any city, you should take the time to research if there’s any favorite team. For Montreal, the answer is simple. The Montreal Canadiens hockey team also called the Habitants (Habs), is a darling of the city. 

You can enjoy the thrill of an entire city supporting one team at the Bell Center especially when rivals such as the Boston Bruins or Toronto Maple Leafs come visiting. Whether you love sports or not, this is one event you can’t afford to miss. 

  • The Stanley Cup

If you have plans to visit Canada, you must brush up your knowledge of ice hockey.  Anyone can easily fall in love with the moments of combat, wild cards and a lot of thrilling action. 

The Stanley Cup organized by the National Hockey League (NHL) has been around since 1893. TheMontreal Canadiens hockey team is one of the tops teams in the competition and attracts loyal support whenever they play at the Bell Center. 

Valtteri Bottas Mercedes
  • The Canadian Grand Prix 

The Canadian GP takes place at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve on Notre Dame Island in Montreal. It is one of the top sporting events of the year in Montreal. 

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  • Tour the Olympic Stadium

There might be no action at the Olympic Stadium, but it remains one of the top attractions in the city. If you have come visiting, make sure you explore this multi-purpose stadium built for the 1976 Summer Olympics. 

The Big O’s 574-foot high inclined tower gives you a majestic view of the city and you’ll be glad you came here. You might also be lucky to catch some exciting soccer and baseball matchups.

  • Grands Prix Cyclistes de Québec et de Montréal (GPCQM)

This is North America’s answer to the Tour de France and takes place at the Avenue du Parc in Montréal and the Grande Allée in Québec. If you love cycling or you want to join the city’s craze for outdoor sports, you have to enjoy the Grand Prix Cyclistes.

 Top athletes now come for the race and the action makes the streets of Montreal buzz with excitement. The Fans’ Village has a lot of exciting and thrilling activities to keep you busy. 

  •  Rogers Cup

The Canadian Masters is one of the most recognized tennis tournaments. Known as the Rogers Cup, it is an ATP Masters Series event featured on the ATP Tour and attracts top names in tennis. 

  • NBA Action 

Montreal is at the center of the growing popularity of NBA despite not having a team of its own. Bell Center has hosted several pre-season NBA games featuring Canada’s Toronto’s Raptors, the 2019 NBA winners. You should always look out for NBA action whenever you visit. 

  • Skiing Events 

If you love skiing or watching people do their stuff on the ice, Montreal is an apt destination. Skiing is synonymous with Canada and this city doesn’t disappoint. There’s a lot of activity and championships ranging from cross-country skiing, ice-skating, dog sledding, downhill skiing among other activities. 

Final Thoughts 

Montreal has so much more to offer that you have to come and experience it for yourself. From the Time Out Market, Mount Royal, street fairs (in May, June and July), the Botanical Garden to the downtown nightlife, there’s something for everyone. These sporting events are the icing on the cake as you can keep warm even when the city freezes. 

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