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Free family Christmas fun

By Jillian Clark – mtltimes.ca With Christmas, comes consumerism. It’s hard to separate spending from Santa Claus so close to Christmas; it’s hard to focus on the holiday spirit with last minute plans – or your mother-in-law – looming. Take a minute ...

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Chanukah comes before Christmas

By Dan Laxer – mtltimes.ca Well, sometimes they kind of overlap, but this year the Festival of Lights comes first. So when I hear a Jewish radio announcer say over and over how Christmas is just weeks away, without even mentioning ...

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The Real Meaning of Christmas

Story by:  Janice Burdon     “There’s got to be more to Christmas than this,” muttered Jenny to herself as she trudged through the large department store trying to figure out what to get her niece for Christmas.  Every year was the same.  ...

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