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Earth to body


Sunscreen – SPF 100

In Business , Health , Life
On July 10, 2017
I am captured by the TV ad talking about sunscreen. The model lures me in. She is beautiful. Sensual. And convincing. She gently lotions her skin with the SPF 100 sunscreen. I am told that I must apply this SPF 100 sunscreen daily to protect...

Smampoo in a bar?

In Health , Life
On May 4, 2017
Smampoo in a bar - When my parents started Earth to Body I was a little hesitant to use some of their new creations. I was in my early 20's and I was used to the products I had seen on TV for the last...
Natural products are not the same as their chemical counterparts. The unpredictability of nature requires understanding and patience. We have not been conditioned to appreciate patterns, fluctuations and cycles of life, therefore we find ourselves slightly off kilter as we strive to reconnect to our...
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