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Do you believe in Santa?

In Life
On December 11, 2014
By Julie Wu --mtltimes.ca  In our house, we still believe… whether or not Santa is “real”! It’s not about the presents or the guy in the red suit but it is about “believing”. It’s about what he stands for, at least for me. Santa is...

The perfect aperitif

On December 7, 2014

By Marco Giovanetti --mtltimes.ca Aperitif and Digestive. These two words are seldom exchanges in casual conversation but mean a wide assortment of spirits from around the world. While many Canadians.

On November 4th, Sun Youth launched its 60th annual campaign. In 1954, while Bing Crosby first sang White Christmas in the movie of the same name, Sun Youth was celebrating its first Holiday period. Over the last six decades, the world of movies has produced...
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