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5 tips for planning the perfect day trips


Whether you’re planning a quick drive to the beach or a multi-state excursion, it’s vital to prepare your one day trip ideas with the same care as week-long vacations. By following these tips for the perfect day trips, you’ll feel stress-free knowing your outing is well-prepared.

1. Save Money by Packing Food

Unless you’re excited to visit restaurants in the area, packing your own picnic is a great way to save money and create lasting memories. Plus, picnics are a fantastic excuse to enjoy the outdoor ambiance of the area you choose to visit.

For the best results, pack an appropriate picnic meal, like finger foods and properly-stored sandwiches. Don’t forget to pack snacks for the drive, too. Easy-to-pack items like trail mix and protein bars are best for long stretches on the road.

2. Pick Multiple Activities

It’s best not to settle for one activity in case it doesn’t work out due to inclement weather, cancellation, or other setbacks. Try to pick activities that are unique to the area instead of the ones you can do anywhere.

While planning activities, be sure to pick high-quality places to make the best memories. For example, if you want to gamble during your trip, pick a place with the best casino bonus over any other casino. That way, you’re more likely to make happier memories.

3. Don’t Over Pack Your Day

Remember, day trips only last a day. Try to plan your activities accordingly by making sure you don’t schedule too many things. While a mountain hike and a city tour sound appealing, you’ll be far too tired to enjoy it.

Try planning strenuous activities, like tours and hikes, towards the beginning of your day. Then, plan a relaxing activity later in the day when you know you’ll feel tired, such as a spa retreat or beach outing.

4. Mix Indoor and Outdoor Into Your Plans

Unless weather prevents you from staying outdoors, try to plan activities with a mix of indoor and outdoor settings. For example, going to the beach is nice at first, but it’s best to escape the heat and sand for a while by visiting a museum, too.

5. Keep Your Budget in Mind

One of the best aspects of a day trip is its low cost. Since you’re not staying the night, you’re saving a lot of money. Keep the savings going by following a budget for your day trip. Beyond packing your own food, try to find coupons, and deals for activities.

Another way to stay on budget is to plan free activities. Hiking and sightseeing are almost always free. In some cases, planning your day trip on a weekday will provide lower-cost activities due to less demand as opposed to a weekend.

Enjoy Perfect Day Trips

Day trips are a fun and spontaneous way to escape the daily grind. By properly planning your next day trip, you’re guaranteed a fun and memorable day without too much effort.

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