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5 Tips for renting a vacation home


Finding the right place to stay can be a difficult undertaking that makes what should be a stress-free trip just the opposite. These five pieces of advice for renting your next vacation home will help make planning your new traveling adventure a breeze.

1. Consider the Location and Transportation Options

Whether you’re a first time renter or an experienced temporary tenant, finding a vacation rental home with a suitable location is an important step in making sure you get the most out of each trip. Before you book your stay, check out the surrounding area of your vacation home online. Using Google Maps, research the travel distance and transportation options between the given location and where you will be spending your time most, and see what you’re comfortable with. When it comes to choosing between being closer to downtown or local hotspots, looking up a given area first pays off as soon as you check in.

2. Consider Hotel Suites for Group Trips

If you don’t mind to pay extra for increased comfort, hotel suites are the go-to option for a vacation stay, and many vacation destinations offer a large number of options to choose from. All-suite hotels, such as Carmana Plaza, are generally the most convenient option, especially when renting a vacation home with friends, dividing the price between the group members. Suites themselves can range widely in terms of how many rooms make up each space and how many residents are recommended for a given suite.

It’s always a good idea to check available discounts and packages on sites like Kayak and other similar resources, which may let you enjoy the luxury of hotel suites for a reduced price.

3. Check Out Corporate Housing Options

For extended stays, corporate housing is a smart, economical alternative to a hotel suite. According to Youthful Home, when temporarily relocating, more than 30% of renters choose corporate housing, and 20% of tenants stay in corporate housing on business trips or when relocating to a new city. With average stay times in fully-furnished housing options of two to three months, corporate housing is a more cost-effective and homey approach to long term trips.

4. Ask About Hidden Fees Beforehand

When it comes to choosing a vacation rental, make sure you know what to ask when renting to make sure your vacation will stick to your budget. James Selig, a realtor at Keller Williams Memorial, who specializes on vacation rentals, advises that many providers have hidden fees and charges that won’t come up until you’re ready to check out. The majority of rentals have a nonnegotiable cleaning fee, and guests are expected to pay for the services of a professional cleaning company. Additionally, when renting from a private owner, customers can be billed for propane and electricity used. These payments can be piled on top of other charging like booking fees, insurance, and website deposits.

5. Get an Outside Perspective

When you’re on an unfamiliar territory, word-of-mouth is a free and priceless resource for finding the best places to stay, signature restaurants, and entertaining destinations. Accessing former tenant reviews online is a sure-fire way to judge which option is your next vacation home. Well-reviewed sites, such as Tripadvisor, give you an accurate and up-to-date understanding of what you’d be paying for. Beyond finding where you rest up, local opinions make for a wonderful way to explore a new place. When you broaden your perspective traveling, you bring back more than souvenirs.

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