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Best day trips from Porto


Many travelers love Porto, not because of its rich cultural heritage and those famous port wines, but they make it a base to explore the surrounding region. When they have enjoyed the historic city to the full and explored its rich and varied heritage, it is time to look the other way and explore the surrounding regions.

Local tours are a great way to travel and make those day trips. At the same time, they can be a disaster if you make the wrong choices. Like most other essential travel decisions, when you go outside of Porto, look for a trusted local guide who can help you plan your trip and act as a guide. Enhance your experience of a day trip from Porto by taking advantage of an expert and local tour guide.

 Here are some suggestions for planning and enjoying some great day trips from Porto.

Explore the Douro Valley– Douro Valley’s landscapes are a must to explore, and the day trip takes you across some of the most exceptions vineyards with bounteous produce. You get to taste the region’s c best culinary offerings on this full-day tour from Porto. Visit the wine estates, and take a boat ride on the Douro River.

A trip to Santiago de Compostela – Make a trip to Santiago de Compostela, the famous cathedral, and take the historical path on this day tour. An experienced and knowledgeable guide will take you to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the charming Valença do Minho, and the pilgrim route St James Way.

Minho in Northern Portugal – Make a day trip to Minho from Porto and find yourself in one of the most underrated regions on this day trip. Minho is well famous for its delicious cuisine, lush terrain, and verdant countryside. A guided tour of Minho with a knowledgeable guide allows you to explore the fantastic countryside and coast of Northern Portugal.

The tour to Portugal’s most holy sites – Fatima and Coimbra are the holiest sites of Portugal and a short distance from Porto. Discover the wealth of cultural experience and lose yourself in the local religious culture. You can spend some time in Coimbra and later visit Fatima under an expert local guide and visit the Sanctuary of Our Lady. Admire the Romanesque architecture as you take a walking tour of the holy sites.

Journey to Santiago de Compostela – Santiago de Compostela is a major pilgrimage site not just in Portugal but in the whole world. You must take the day trip to the pilgrimage site with an expert guide and discover the historical center and the clerical majesty. A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Cathedral of Santiago boasts of rich cultural history and religious significance.

Explore the outskirts of Porto – Nothing could be more exciting than taking a tour of the mountains on the outskirts of Porto. Let a professional guide take you on this journey and go across the rural mountain villages and the age-old Roman mines. You are on a day trip that you are sure to remember a lifetime. Enjoy the unique experience as well as some panoramic views of the city from the mountains.

Discover Guimarães and Braga –Another exciting day trip from Porto is a personalized full-day tour to Guimarães and Braga. Do not miss the chance to visit the Palace of the Dukes of Braganza and experience the medieval atmosphere in Guimarães. Visit the Bom Jesus Sanctuary as well as the beautiful cathedral in Braga. Another highlight is a hilltop pilgrimage site, Bom Jesus Sanctuary. You will simply love the medieval atmosphere of the Guimarães and Braga, as well as the delicious Portuguese cuisine.

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