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Three top tips for a romantic weekend away


We all deserve a romantic weekend away once in a while. Perhaps, you’ve got children to contend with now, but finally, a family member has offered to have them all for a few days to give you a break. Grab the opportunity, live in the moment and plan an amazing getaway for you and your significant other. Continue reading for our three top tips for ensuring your romantic weekend away is a success.

Choose a location to suit both of you

Choose somewhere that has significance for you. It could be returning to the place you first met or where you went on honeymoon perhaps. Maybe, you both looked at photos a friend had shared on social media and decided you wanted to visit one day. Wherever you choose to go, make sure it is a place that you both are keen to experience. Once you’ve opted for a certain town or city, research what is around the local areas in terms of tourist attractions, restaurants and bars. Although a romantic weekend may just revolve around a luxurious hotel room, you could save yourself money and do that closer to home, so do try to make the most of the area you’re visiting too.

Decide what form of transport you’ll use

Consider how you are going to get to your chosen location. If you are happy to take your own car, that will save you some money (although do take into account the wear and tear of your own vehicle). Perhaps, the idea of a romantic break involving a convertible car really appeals to you and your partner. If so, check out weekend car rental and choose a car that sparks joy. Make sure that you check you are eligible to drive the vehicle and any additional restrictions that may apply. Alternatively, check out other forms of transport. Choosing to travel by train can take some of the stress out of a journey and means that both parties can enjoy a tipple.

Pick your perfect accommodation

You’ll undoubtedly be spending a significant amount of time in your accommodation, so choose wisely. Think and make a list of your non-negotiables. For example, must the bathroom have a bath rather than a shower? Furthermore, is it vital for the bed to be a queen size four-poster bed with canopy? There are many considerations. Research the shortlist of hotels thoroughly. Other visitors will share their views on how clean the room is, how friendly the hosts are, whether the location of the hotel is sought after and many other areas. If you and your other half are hoping to have late night drinks in your accommodation, check whether there is a downstairs bar or if your room will have a minibar. If you are hoping to relax, consider choosing a hotel with a spa and swimming pool included as standard. Going for a dip in the pool before breakfast can be blissful. It is also imperative to choose somewhere to stay within budget to allow you to make the most of the money you’ve set aside for this break.

Wherever you choose to visit, we wish you a romantic retreat to remember!

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