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Montreal Announces NEW measures to improve snow removal


Montreal – In a press conference today, Mayor Valérie Plante and the head of Citizen Services on the Executive Committee, Jean-François Parenteau announced a series of measures to improve the quality of snow removal in Montreal. Given what Montrealers have experienced so far this winter, improvements are greatly anticipated.

“In recent years, the sudden changes in temperature have greatly affected the City of Montreal’s snow and ice removal operations. The ice storm we experienced last week is just the latest manifestation of the climate upheavals we are now dealing with. Since these episodes are likely to increase over the years, we are putting in place a series of measures to improve the quality of snow removal in Montreal and to offer the Montreal population good sidewalks and highways,” said Plante.

Here are the measures that will be put in place by the city:

– Individual meetings planned with all borough mayors to discuss improvements to the snow removal policy.

– Introducing a new internal culture at the City of Montreal to ensure a more proactive response to rapid temperature changes.

– Increased snow removal budgets to meet needs.

– Establishment of a consultation table in collaboration with snow removal professionals and stakeholders to discuss best practices.

– Purchase of ice equipment tested for two years in Ville-Marie, which makes it possible to break the ice accumulated on the sidewalks so as to secure them more quickly.

“By implementing this series of measures, we will ensure that we are more proactive and offer better quality snow removal to the Montreal population in the short term. The safety of Montrealers has always been a priority and we are ready to take up the challenges that winter has in store for us,” Parenteau concluded.

Let’s hope these actions lead to better snow clearance as Montrealers have clearly voiced their disappointment and concerns!

Bonnie Wurst – info@mtltimes.ca
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