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Great wines for the patio


As we enter in May ( the month of flowers), eventually the weather will warm up and will be comfortable enough to have a glass of wine in your back patio.

Patio lifestyle embodies what John Keats said when he mused, “Give me books, fruit, French wine and fine weather and a little music out of doors, played by someone I do not know.”

Designing your own personalized patio oasis to drink some vino is an essential part of every home. There is simply no excuse: even the smallest outdoor apartment can be turned into a wine lovers’ heaven.

Look it up on Pinterest or a decoration magazine if you lack ideas on patio design!!. I made my own patio area outside my apartment with recycled wine bottles, corks and even a barrel!

Finally, wines with an oak treatment get additional flavours from the wood that can add a greed complexity, but also make the wine richer and less refreshing. I definitely love oak on my wines, but try to avoid when spring summer approaches.

My personal criteria for warm weather wine: acidity, medium alcohol levels, and low oak. First acidity stimulates your palate and brings on s brightness that is quite refreshing. Low alcohol convey lightness that complements the warmer weather nicely and leaves you feeling much refreshed than the big, bold wines you enjoy indoors.

Here are some white wine recommendations to help you get you in the mindset of patio wine drinking. The kicker is that these wines cost $15 and less which leave enough pocket wiggle room for your patio decoration ideas. On my next columns: roses and reds!

Great wines for the patio

Casillero del Diablo Chardonnay Reserva 2017 ( SAQ # 13731435 – $15)

Great Chilean chardonnay for $15. Don’t let the price its modest price fool you. Well made white wine featuring textbook varietal aromas of peach Melba, lemon cream and savoyard biscuit. Creamy mouth with a long length in the finale. Pair with a good book or a hearty tuna tartare.

Les Hauts de Janeil Grenache Blanc-Sauvignon Blanc 2017 ( SAQ # 13805975 – $14.00)

From sunny Languedoc-Roussillon, come this great white that would be my poster vino for the summer. Why spend $30 in a prima donna wine while you could get something extraordinary under $15. Such a delightful nose. Great aroma of peach, anis seed with diverse white fruit undertones. Round with a long and crispy finale. Great pairing with homemade pork sandwiches

Le Grand Ballon Sauvignon Blanc 2017 ( SAQ # 12489456 – $13.85)

 From the Loire Valley, come this well made Sauvignon Blanc. Great fresh nose reminiscent of grapefruit fruit, tonic water, lime and fresh cut grass. Medium body and ample, it has a delightful finale reminiscent of Jalapeno green pepper. Pair with ceviche or take out sushi!

Marco Giovanetti – info@mtltimes.ca

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