Can you mine bitcoin via cloud mining and make a profit

Can you mine bitcoin

Mining Bitcoin has changed a lot in recent years. The general public is more interested in cryptocurrency than before and the tech behind the process has changed greatly as well. It has made it more efficient but also more expensive and often out of reach for an average investor.

That’s why cloud mining has taken over as an alternative method for mining crypto coins. It doesn’t require the investor to set up their own mining farm. Instead, they pay for the service set up and maintained by others.

Is this more profitable?

It’s a complicated question to answer since there are a lot of variables. The profit that you can make from crypto coins depends on their value on the market and it can change and dip over time. In the long run, it’s a profitable investment to make but there will be some variations in the process.

Using cloud mining also comes with additional fees that are paid to the provider. It’s still a better deal than setting up your own mining facility which requires a high initial investment and a lot of skilled labor.

How to find the best provider for you?

There are a lot of cloud mining providers out there and choosing one for you takes time and effort. It’s best to compare and contrast the reviews made by those who have used the services before you.

Visit this website and compare different cloud mining providers based on the features that you find to be useful. This could be the overall cost, the technical capability, or the freedom that comes with a well-crafted contract that you can easily get out of.

Take energy costs into account

One of the biggest expenses needed to run your mining facility is the energy it consumes. It’s often overlooked how much this will cost even by those who take into account the cost of equipment. That’s something to weigh in when choosing the cloud mining platform to use.

The costs of energy are covered by the fees that you pay when using the cloud mining platform. However, they are shared by everyone that uses it and this is a vastly better arrangement than paying the whole bill yourself, at least for a new investor.

Ease of use

The ease of use won’t affect your profit but it does need to be taken into account when choosing the mining method and a cloud mining provider. It’s a simple enough platform to use and a dashboard can be used regardless of how knowledgeable you are about the industry and the IT side of things.

The dashboard is your main way of interacting with the platform. It shows the hash rates, and the number of coins you’ve got so far and you can use it to withdraw the coins to your e-wallet once it’s time to do so.  Anyone who’s used an online application before can use it.

Different ways to earn from Bitcoin

There are more ways to earn with Bitcoin than there were before. That’s because the currency is now widely accepted as a form of payment and a way to store wealth. There have also been innovative ways to use them, that have come up just a few years ago. One of those is the ability to lend cryptocurrency.

The lending works the same way as it would with traditional currency and the payments can be made in Bitcoin or in fiat currency depending on your preferences and the agreement you’ve made.


Taxation is another important consideration to take into account when choosing a cloud mining platform. One of the initial appeals of using cryptocurrency was the fact that it wasn’t taxed or even noticed by the governments and tax institutions.

This is starting to change now when cryptocurrencies are commonly used. Cloud mining is an example of that change since most providers have departments dedicated to taxation and making the process easier.  In most cases, the platform does the work for you and all you need to do is to alert the tax authorities in your country.

The ability to sell your contract

Another important way in which using cloud mining platforms can be profitable is by selling the contract you have on these platforms itself. That’s also a useful way to get out of the contract in case something goes wrong or you need quick cash. Not all platforms allow for it and if you want to find one you may need to pay a bit more in fees.

In most cases, the contracts last between 6 months and 2 years. This is something to keep in mind when it comes to long term planning since, selling a contract can be a way out if you’ve signed a contract that lasts too long.

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