A beginner’s guide for researching stocks

Guide for Researching Stocks

Researching stocks can help investors find the best investment opportunities. Using analytical methods when researching stocks, we can try to pick stocks that are selling at a lower price than their true value. 

Therefore, these stocks are likely to experience returns that exceed market expectations in the future. 

You can use stock advising services like Motley Fool’s Rule Breaker to get a huge advantage while researching stocks. Here is an in-depth Motley Fool Rule Breakers review to help you understand how it operates.

Guide for Researching Stocks

How to Analyze Stocks?

The problem is that if you do not have a time machine, it is almost impossible to predict whether a business will make more profit. Therefore, conducting stock market research can help you judge whether your company’s profits are likely to increase.

Inventory research is not an exact science. Think of it as a “thoughtful guessing tool.”

Most stocks can go down in value or make a significant profit, so you should not trust them. Stocks should only be at the top of your investment pyramid.

If you follow this advice, if your investment loses money, you will have other profitable investments to make up for the loss. At best, in addition to the funds generated by other assets, your stocks will outperform the market and generate significant returns.

Fundamental and Technical Analysis

Fundamental analysis and technical analysis are two distinct forms of stock analysis.

Fundamental analysis is a method based on the assumption that a company’s share price does not reflect its intrinsic value. This indicates that the stock’s current price does not represent the company’s current or potential success.

Technical analysis has the drawback of being only beneficial for short-term traders searching for quick gains through day trading or short selling.

Stocks, on the other hand, are a high-risk investment. The best way to invest in them is to set them aside for prolonged periods to survive any possible price fluctuation. Savvy investors view stocks as funds that are not needed for at least 5 years.

Here are some amazing steps to start investing with limited funds.

What are the Steps for Researching?

Start with the company’s finances

The first thing to do is acquire information about the financial health of the company. This is also called “quantitative research.”

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requires any organization issuing stock to issue such financial statements regularly. These documents can explain the company’s economic prospects.

The two key forms that you must check are Business Form 10-K and 10-Q.

A comprehensive report of the corporation’s financial accounts that have been independently evaluated is known as a Form 10-K. The accounting information, revenue, expenditures, and other forms of income are included in the document.

A 10-Q form is a quarterly report that provides details of a company’s operating costs and profits for the quarter.

Focus on key information

A company’s financial report can be quite lengthy, but you only need to look at a few essential items. This is the crucial information to find.


Revenue is the quantity that an organization earns for a fixed period. Income is also called “highest-income” because it is the first number on the income statement.

The report can distinguish between “operating income” and “non-operating income.” The revenue earned by the company’s primary activity is referred to as operating income. Non-operating income refers to the money generated by other means, such as rental income or one-time sale of an asset.

Net Income

Net profit is the amount left after accounting for operating costs, taxation, and other expenses. It is sometimes known as the “bottom line.”

It’s easy to understand using the example of your financial situation. In this case, your income will be equal to your salary. Your net income will be the amount remaining after paying for living expenses (such as rent, utilities, and food).

Earnings per share (EPS)

Divide the organization’s cumulative profits by the number of shares it provides to generate earnings per share (EPS). This number is essential for comparing the performance of multiple companies.

However, earnings per share cannot perfectly reflect the financial condition. They cannot determine the effectiveness of a company’s capital investment.

For example, some companies reinvest their profits instead of paying them to investors (not an attractive idea for some investors, but remember that a smart reinvestment can significantly improve your shares’ value in the future).

Return on Equity (ROE)

A company’s return on equity (ROE) is a calculation that indicates how much benefit it generates on every penny spent by investors.

Suppose a company is going through a difficult period, or the economy is experiencing an economic recession. In that case, this percentage becomes more important as it can measure the company’s overall resilience (perhaps a small amount of capital from investors is enough to restore its normal state).

But ROE and ROA (return on assets) are not very useful indicators for investors. Companies may falsely raise these figures by repurchasing stock from customers or taking on additional leverage to boost their cash (debt is not always a good thing, especially in a recession).

Debt to EBITDA ratio

This indicator (EBITDA) calculates a company’s overall debt to its profits before interest, taxation, depreciation, and amortization to determine how much debt it currently has.

Ideally, the business should have low debt and high profits. High debt and low income can spell trouble, especially during a recession. The “high” ratio is considered to be greater than 4.0.

Remember that your brokerage house may have several tools that you can use when looking for key information in your company’s financial records. Check this article to know how you can overcome common money problems.

Understand the basic working of the company

Investors sometimes mistakenly buy a company’s stock based solely on numbers without having a good understanding of how the company works.

Before investing in a business, you must have a good understanding of how it generates profits.

When you understand a potential investment product or industry, you will better understand the chances of success.

If you do not know anything about software, how do you know if the software company has a good product? It helps to invest in the business you understand really well.

Conduct Qualitative Research

Once you have figured out how a corporation makes profits, you will need to inquire about some straightforward questions about its prospects. “Qualitative research” is the term for this type of analysis.

Qualitative research can be challenging for certain people, and there are no proper solutions. These questions are very subjective. You must try to overcome personal prejudices that may exist and find solutions that justify them honestly and objectively.

What are the strengths of the company?

Does the company have a competitive advantage that can ensure its profitability? Does it have a great brand or business model? Will it introduce innovations? Do you have any patents? Do you have a good allocation model? Are you achieving operational excellence?

Who are the company leaders?

Every successful company has good leadership skills. Some of the top leaders in the business world include CEOs, CFOs, and COOs.

The Internet has made researching business leaders easier than ever. They will appear on the company’s website, and you can also do an internet search to find out about them. 

You should also look for videos/presentations/lectures on company leaders to understand their leadership style. The most important question you want to answer is, “Do you have a great plan for success?”

You should also read about the company’s board of directors, which is a group of leaders who represent shareholders (as a shareholder, you can vote for the board members). 

Some boards may be made up of people within the company, which may not be a good thing for making objective decisions.

Remember it is a long-term investment

You may also need to consider whether the company lives up to its values. For instance, if you care about the environment, you should invest in a business dedicated to sustainable development. Find out if the company represents your beliefs.


You can never predict with complete precision whether an investment in stocks will be successful, but learning to research stocks can help you better understand the risk of your investment. Fundamental inventory analysis consists of the following steps:

  • Get started with the company’s finances.
  • Look for essential information.
  • Understand how the company works.
  • Conduct qualitative research.
  • Determine if it is right for you.

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