An honest true wealth review and how it works

True Wealth

There is no doubt that True Wealth is an incredible service. True Wealth is a relatively inexpensive and easy to follow stock picker newsletter.

Stansberry Research’s True Wealth is a monthly stock-picking newsletter. Editor Steve Sjuggerud leads the service. It comprises various sectors, ranging from US equity funds and ETFs to developing markets and resources. 

While True Wealth does not seek to diversify, the broad service focus and emphasis on ETFs. That means it does a good job building a diversified investment portfolio.

For a detailed review of The True Wealth, we suggest you check out

About Stansberry Research

Stansberry Research is an investment group established in the mid-1990s by Ports Stansberry. 

The company has published several newsletters regarding stock selection and investment advice, including the flagship publication “Stansberry Investment Advisory Review.”

Stansberry Research does not disclose the long-term benefits of most newsletters, so it is not easy to judge the company’s success. For example, the Investment Advisory Review has much better long-term results. 

However, recent newsletters also feature a significant number of stocks that outperform the overall market.

Steve Sjuggerud, publisher and author of the True Wealth Newsletter, has a long tradition of accurate forecasts. He accurately forecasted the real estate investment in 2009 and proposed gold in the mid-2000s. 

Sjuggerud also provides True Wealth-like services, including True Wealth Opportunities: China, directly targeting new market possibilities in China.

True Wealth pricing options

The annual fee for real estate is $199. If you think this service is inappropriate, you can try it for up to 30 days for a full refund.

True Wealth investing style

True Wealth incorporates fundamental science with global analysis techniques to invest in stocks. Many newsletters focus on a wide variety of models, such as the gold safe-haven trend or the real estate boom, for recommending investment areas.

Then, True Wealth will propose ETFs or independent businesses to clients.

A broad vision of the economy means that not only US stocks are included in True Wealth. Newsletters often recommend stocks from international and emerging markets and stocks and ETFs to provide real estate or commodity market access. 

It can be tricky for ordinary investors to know exactly what they are investing in for assets such as internationally traded ETFs. However, this method allows investors to have a highly-diversified investment portfolio.

The True Wealth portfolio usually includes 10-20 shares, including

one with a suggestion for a stop-loss order.

True Wealth features

Like many other stock picking services, True Wealth is just a monthly newsletter. Each newsletter is approximately 10 pages long, but reading them is amazing. Editor Steve Sjuggerud first tells a short story or hypothesis.

He then looks at this month’s investment post, which typically focuses on a country, industry, or market area. These cartoons are not always fluid, but they do help make your newsletter more accessible.

The newsletter focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of a given market. For example, in his monthly letter, Sjuggerud discusses the unique factors that allowed the Chinese stock market to mature early despite the risks of tensions with the United States. 

Subsequently, the bulletin suggested an ETF that could be traded widely in the Chinese market. It focused on stocks with the highest growth potential and relatively low downside risk.

The newsletter ends with a summary of all current items. Typically, there are 10-20 articles, and the newsletter will include selected sales recommendations from the past. All stock recommendations are aligned with stop-loss prices, and these stop-losses are updated monthly. 

The newsletter also created a page highlighting positions that are still being prepared for in the last few months, either for new positions or to add to existing positions.

True Wealth vs. the competition

There has been no return to the service since its launch. However, looking at previous bulletins, the return for most of the portfolio’s share is between 15% and 35%. The investment time is usually one to three years, so it is better than the larger market performance.

In other words, the cost of True Wealth is $100 more than the news from The Motley Fool’s stock advisor annually. These two investing newsletters provide either 1 or 2 suggestions each month.

However, the Stock Advisor has an impressive historical performance. Since its inception, the bulletin’s return rate has exceeded 300%, while the S&P 500 Index has returned around 75% over the same period. This is much more than the profits generated by True Wealth.

Relevantly, Stock Investor only invests in US securities, while a wider spectrum of capital is recommended by True Wealth. For investors looking to protect the investments in times of economic downturn, this can make a big difference. 

Although the financial markets’ sustainability relies on the stock exchange, international trade, or anti-recession resources, such as gold, can boost genuine capital.

So, if you are having money issues, check out how to solve these common problems.

How does True Wealth stand out?

True Wealth is a relatively inexpensive and easy-to-follow stock picker newsletter. Additionally, the diversification promoted by the service may allow you to outperform the market during an economic downturn. 

True Wealth does not provide any other analytical tools or features other than the monthly newsletter.

Account opening

The process of opening a True Wealth account is simple, and while it does contain some documents, it is not difficult.

There are no multi-level accounts or different bets for high score bets. All investors receive the same treatment.

From new accounts (minimum real estate is 8.5k) to thousands of existing investment portfolios, each will receive a fixed administration fee + ETF cost, which we will present later.

If you register through our link, you can enjoy a 50% discount on the first year’s management fee.

After successfully logging into your account for the first time, you must perform a risk assessment.

This is standard practice for all recommended robotic advisers and investment platforms.

If not, it is a red flag. You must not invest without calculating your risk.

Risk varies from person to person, and this is an important step in building a balanced portfolio that you are satisfied with.

For True Wealth, your score starts at 5, and step-by-step responses move that number up to a maximum of 10 based on your responses, although 9.8 is similar to the real situation.

This process takes approximately 10 minutes the first time. If your situation changes, you can change it at any time.

Login & security

True Wealth uses 128-bit encryption, and you have 24/7 access to view and edit your wallet. Two-factor authentication can be enabled in the “Account Settings” section used by the Google Authenticator app. We recommend that you do this to increase the security of your account.

The True Wealth is wealth management institutions, not banks.

They have already worked with two custodian banks, namely Saxo Bank (the Swiss branch of Danske Bank regulated by FINMA), as “introductory brokers” and recently cooperated with BLKB as well.

Regulated and protected Swiss banks handle all actual transactions, purchases, and sales.

This means that Saxo Bank or BLKB hold your investment portfolio on your behalf. If True Wealth goes bankrupt, you still have the underlying assets. They are separate and independent from True Wealth.

What sort of trader is better suited to True Wealth?

True Wealth can even be combined with other stock picking services for certain US stocks (e.g., Stock Advisor). While it will cost more, you can get potentially high returns in the US market by securing your portfolio with alternative assets. 

The True Wealth Newsletter does not require much work on the investor, especially since a stop loss increases most sales.

Customer Support

Official support is available in German and English, and although there is no live chat option, help emails are usually responsive.

You do not have 24/7 customer support. You can also contact them by phone.


  • Relatively cheap monthly newsletter.
  • Diversified assets include stocks and international commodities.
  • For non-professional investors, the newsletter is easy to read.
  • Recovery is usually better than the market.
  • Transparent and flexible portfolio management.
  • Excellent usability and ease of use.
  • Tax report export with two clicks.


  • Lower benefits compared to similar services like stock advisers.
  • There is not much technology or fundamental analysis in the newsletters.
  • 2% of the investment portfolio must be held in cash, so it is impossible to list 100% of an asset class.
  • The default portfolio is geared towards diversified Swiss assets. For Swiss bonds, this will bring negative returns compared to global alternative bonds.


Investing is not a straightforward way to earn money. Do not let anyone convince you.

True Wealth says you will receive up to 60% of your investment each year unless you take more risk. We think this is an exaggeration.

Investors typically get around 20% ROI every year.

There is no panacea for investment. However, by using the most relevant information on your platform, you can increase your chances of being a successful trader.

As we have indicated earlier, if you really want to invest successfully, you will have to learn to invest correctly and use the platform’s information.

For international investments, to know if you can do it totally online, check this out!

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