The biggest obstacles in home buying and how to overcome them

Home Buying

If there’s one purchase in your life you need to make carefully, it’s the purchase of  a home. Property is not just the place where you and your family will spend their days and nights. It’s an investment that stabilizes your long-term finances.

Your journey in real estate may be beset by a few obstacles that must be dealt with, so here’s a helpful breakdown of what these obstacles may include:

Find the Right Agent

Most people don’t have a friend or relative in the real estate industry, but everyone needs someone trustworthy and reliable to advocate for them. It is essential to find an agent who is dependable and within your budget.

Digital innovator Regan McGee created Nobul to make it easier for homebuyers to link up with suitable agents. All you need to do is list your  budget and briefly describe what you’re looking for, and agents will vie to represent you by sending offers to you inboxes.

Homebuyers can peruse and compare agents’ profiles and see whose services, experience levels, and incentives they like best. Now, anybody can get an inside edge on the real estate market.

The Expense

The price of housing has surged in markets across North America and beyond. If you don’t have enough money to afford a home, you’ll either need to come up with it, find a less expensive home, or find a way to get a great deal.

Saving up the money for a down payment usually takes years, so it’s best to make a long-term plan. Given the sums involved, you likely won’t be able to get the bulk of the money overnight. However, because Nobul incentivizes agents to offer free services, buyers can get significant cash back or some other type of free service when they use the property technology.

Bidding Wars

In markets where demand exceeds supply, there are often bidding wars of two or more people vying to buy a home. Bidding wars are difficult for a few reasons. You might become emotionally attached to the home after seeing the listing or walking through it, only to feel it slip away as competing bids drive the price up.

Maybe they listed it artificially low to entice a bidding war, and the home was never truly in your price range. If this happens once or twice, it can be disappointing. It can happen more than that, especially in hot markets.

Nobul combines the power of AI and genuine real estate expertise to send you listings that meet all your specifications so carefully that they seem personally curated. They’ll arrive in your inbox quickly, so you can put in a bid without wasting any time.

Mentally, prepare yourself for the possibility that the listed price won’t necessarily be the final one. Practically speaking, to try to get some money off the price and see the listing early, use Nobul.

You need to be strategic when buying a home, but thankfully, real estate technology helps you overcome the obstacles so you get a home you’re excited to live in for a great price.

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