How to create strong YouTube ad strategy – guide for beginners

YouTube ad strategy

Being a content creator on YouTube can have some amazing benefits, such as growing your business, succeeding in your career, and making money. To become a big channel and reach your goals you will need to create a community, provide content consistently, and promote your brand in the right ways. There are many different ways of growing your audience on Youtube, you can get some easily accessible packages to buy Youtube views which are completely optional, or create a strong Youtube ad strategy.

How do Youtube ads help content creators?

 Youtube Ads allows its customers to bid and display short and simple advertisements, different service offerings, or self-promoting videos to viewers. Google ads who are in charge of this service can display ads on youtube videos, mobile apps, websites, and so on. Here are some tips on how to create a strong Youtube ad strategy and become successful much faster.

  1. Include elements of surprise

The key is to create memorable and interesting ads that people are going to want to watch again and share with others. Coming up with clever video ideas might be challenging but not impossible. An ad must not be easily predictable, there should be some unusual elements to keep people focused and interested. It’s advised to keep the most important part by the end of the video that helps to keep viewers glued to the screen and not press the skip button.

  1. Captivate the viewers

It’s even more important to know how to use your time with an audience rather than the length of the video. An ad should be able to captivate your audience super quickly. It should have upbeat or calm music, whichever is more adequate, use relevant topics that are going on in the world, or work with famous people to gain more feedback from people. Humor is a great way to connect with people as well, everyone enjoys funny and bright colored videos every once in a while.

  1. Inspire viewers and create a humble message

Another great tip to resonate with your audience is to present a serious problem or an issue in an Ad. You can show people that by supporting your brand they can help to turn it around and fix it. It’s a benefit to have a nice and kind message behind your brand. You can use portions of your income for donations and helping others in need. This inspires people to support your brand and ideas fully while helping others as well.

  1. Use association technique

As reported by businessinsider the popularity of online video advertising is

growing at a much faster rate than most other Ad markets such as TV, search,

and so on. More and more business and brand owners adopt this method of marketing. People should have a basic idea of what kind of video they are watching. It’s important to show them your brand and display your name in the video. The best way to associate your brand with an Ad you’re paying for is to add your logo to the video. The logo should be small and simple, not too obnoxious or it will take the attention away from the video. It should be placed creatively and naturally in the video as well.

  1. Create emotional connection

Creating nostalgic ads and videos can be the most beneficial tip anyone can give you. People have strong emotional connections with their past and are always attracted to content that reminds them of it. They enjoy watching videos and reminiscing on them. That’s the main reason why retro-style videos are so popular right now. It’s a great marketing tip that works every single time.

  1. Design ads for mobile

Smartphones are taking over the world right now. Some people don’t ever use PCs or laptops anymore and watch everything on smaller screens. That’s why brands need to consider creating ads for mobiles. Keep in mind that because of the size of the smartphone the text should be very clear, colours brighter, and frames tighter. These tips make the video watching experience more smooth and enjoyable for the viewers. Youtube also supports and has the feature of creating vertical video ads which make the mobile viewing process much more immersive.

  1. Keep Ads between 15 and 60 seconds

Because Youtube is an entertainment and educational platform most people search up the videos they are interested in. There is not a universal runtime for Youtube ads but an article and research on BBC reveals that an average human attention span has shrunk from 12 seconds to just 8 seconds. This means that people don’t consider verbal or visual information that lasts more than 8 seconds. Evidence points to 30-second ads being the best choice for marketing companies, it makes it much easier for people to remember the information they just saw as well.

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