How to use Instagram story views to bring your account to life

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Many individuals and business entities have learned the value of Instagram for marketing and promotional purposes. They have discovered that this particular social media form can be a way for them to get word of their projects and products to IG users who might wish to buy them or otherwise interact with them. To use Instagram to the best of your abilities, you should also know about all of the best features that are now available on it. For instance, you should know about:

  • Interactive Stickers
  • Reels and Stories Auto-Captioning
  • Grid Pinning

In addition to all of those, you should be familiar with Instagram Story views if you’re going to have the best and most rewarding experience on the platform. And with the organic number of real individuals who will check out your account and watch your content, you can buy Instagram Story views from a site that sells you genuine viewers as well.

In this article, we’ll discuss this feature in detail as we explain how views for your Stories help bring your Insta account to life.

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What exactly are Instagram stories?

First, let’s briefly talk about what IG Stories are. This is a feature that lets you guide a viewer through your experiences of the day. If you’ve had a pretty interesting day with compelling events throughout it, people will want to know all about what happened to you or what you experienced.

This feature lets you show platform users who are following your account or have stumbled upon it what’s going on with you at any given time. One crucial thing to understand about this feature is that with IG Stories, the people who comprise your audience can look at not only the moments you’ve kept on your profile. They can also peruse any videos or pictures you posted recently that make up a larger narrative.

Your Story is a collection of videos and photos that appear in the format of a slideshow. Now, let’s talk about story views.

What Are Story Views?

Let’s say you’ve done the following:

  • You’ve taken pictures and videos over a short length of time
  • You’ve posted those images and videos as part of an Instagram Story
  • You have invited anyone following your profile to check out your content

All of these could be considered standard practice for IG marketing for an individual or company. At this point, you need to think about how many Stories views you’re getting.

Views are a running count of anyone who has watched your Story over the upcoming 24 hours after you initially posted it. However, it’s not a total View count, which shows you numbers, but not the names of the viewers of your story. With views, you’ll be able to look at who exactly saw your Story.

As you can imagine, that information is valuable from a marketing perspective. The more info you gather about who’s watching and not watching your content, the better you can tell whether you’re achieving market penetration.

How Can You Get More IG Story Views?

At this point, you’re probably starting to realize that if you’re using Instagram for marketing, you’ll want to gather as many IG Story views as you possibly can. One way to do that is by buying them.

Many companies use the tactic of spending money from a marketing budget or discretionary fund to purchase more views. Doing so creates a lemming effect.

Other individuals interested in the niche in which you publish your trendy content ideas will also view your Stories if they see that other people are doing it.

Now, let’s discuss how these views for stories help your account come to life in the most enthralling way.

Why Are Instagram Stories So Vital for Marketing?

There’s an indisputable fact you should know about Instagram, and it is this: not everyone will take the time to watch your Stories. It takes a longer length of time to watch than the average viewer might be willing to give you.

Because of this, every viewer who you can capture who’s willing to watch your Stories is infinitely more valuable than one who takes a few seconds to casually glance at one or two of your pictures. IG Stories are sometimes made up of trendy post ideas that will gain you the most followers or likes. Other times, you might come up with a concept that breaks every established IG rule because you’re trying something completely original and different.

Either way, your Instagram Stories should tell a narrative about yourself or your company that feels deep and personal. Similar to what you’d post in a video on YouTube, TikTok, or any similar social media form, any Story you tell should get right to the essence of who you are as a person or the values that your company represents.

Once you comprehend that, you’ll quickly see how and why IG Stories bring your account to life in the most enticing or gripping ways possible. Just like any other long-form narrative on a social media platform, an Instagram Story is your chance to forge a deep, personal connection with whoever is watching. That often enables them to make the next giant step to buy some product or service from you.

What Information Can You Gather About Those Who Watch Your IG Stories?

When you look at your IG Story views, you can see who’s watching it. You can garner what age group your content appeal to, and you can also figure out their probable income level, their geographic location, and other vital data. The more of that data you have, the better you can tailor your Stories so that you can get more people to view the next batch of Stories you put out. For example, what music to add to your visuals.

You should constantly be trying to gather as much information about your viewers as you can. This is true if you’re:

  • An influencer
  • A company with a new product or service to offer
  • An actor, athlete, or anyone else trying to increase their clout on social media

If you fall into any category of person or company trying to use Instagram for marketing, you’ll want to use a feature like IG Stories to draw your viewers closer into your world. Looking at the views you get should be part of that.

By looking at your views and breaking them down with analytics tools, you’ll be able to make your account more vibrant and thrilling with every new Story, picture, and video you publish. Learning and accepting that is one of the fundamental ways to start getting the results you want from your IG account.

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