How to choose the perfect window for different rooms in your house

the perfect window

The one thing that is more important than the aesthetics of your apartment is its functionality. However, when choosing a perfect window, both aesthetics and functionality are a priority. You want your windows to look appealing, at the same time, control the ventilation in your house and be energy efficient.  So, making the right choice is pretty important.  

the perfect window

Our team has contacted Ecoline, window installers in Ottawa, to ask a couple of questions and make everything clear for you. So, if you’re having a tough time choosing the right window for different rooms in your house, here’s a guide that’ll take off that burden from you.

Living Room windows

When choosing the perfect window for your living room, the first thing to consider is how you’re going to position your furniture. This way, opening and closing with ease are possible. If you’ll be putting a table close to the window, you’d need a casement window that you can crank open/close with just one hand – especially if that spot’s your workspace.

Picture or crank windows are the perfect choice for your living room. You get to mix them with ventilating windows, giving your living room the perfect lighting, an ethereal feel, and the right amount of cool breeze.

Bedroom windows

Selecting bedroom windows comes with a lot of mixed feelings. You want ventilation, sound control, a nice view for stargazing, and of course the appeal. Since your bedroom is your haven, you’ll need it to feel a lot more comfortable than other rooms in your house.

To turn all your bedroom window dreams into reality, install double-hung and casement windows. These windows are easy to operate. So, when it gets chilly at night, you don’t need to be wide awake to shut them close. You should also install energy-efficient windows to maintain your preferred indoor temperature.

To make your bedroom windows even more appealing, get creative. Try out different shapes and styles that feel more like you.

Bathroom windows

Most homeowners don’t pay any attention to the bathroom windows since they spend little time using them anyways. But bathroom windows are great if you need to upgrade the interior décor of your house.

For your privacy, install obscure glasses to reduce transparency and still let the natural light in. If you enjoy taking long baths, leave a ventilating window or two in your bathroom to reduce the chances of having mold grow in it. For bigger bathrooms, install larger casement windows, you’ll appreciate the view every time you walk in.

Egress windows

Egress windows are just as important as any other window you’re installing. Unlike other windows, they are basically for emergency purposes. They need to be wide enough to allow easy exit and highly operable – you don’t want to get stuck inside in case there’s a fire outbreak.

Horizontal slides, double-hung, single-hung, and casements are all great egress window options. They are perfect for escaping and still maintain the beauty of your apartment.

Prices for Different Window Styles in Ottawa

While you have a lot of aspects to consider when choosing new windows for different rooms in your house, one of the most significant issues is the price you get for your new units and installation. The table below represents a typical price range for the most popular window styles in Ottawa.

Awning, $Casement, $Picture, $Single Hung, $Slider, $
Ottawa493 – 1161523 – 953355 – 2088541 – 1093328 – 1637

Source: Ecoline Windows Ottawa

5 Best window frame materials

Whether you’re choosing a window frame just for its appeal or not, you’ll still end up with a couple of functional benefits. The type of window frame you choose will not only save you the cost of frequent repairs and replacements but will also give you a certain level of security.

Here are five of the best frame materials you should know when considering a window replacement or purchase.

  1. Vinyl

Vinyl is by far the most versatile frame for your windows and hands down the best window frame material. They are made out of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and shaped into different forms to make glass fitting possible. The affordability of this frame material even gives it an edge above others. Vinyl is also low-maintenance and comes in different colors.

Vinyl is resistant to moisture, making it the perfect material for your bathroom windows. However, vinyl frames don’t do well in extreme weather conditions. It contracts in cold weather conditions and breaks from its seal. Hence, the durability of this material is highly questionable.

  • Wood

Wooden window frames are beautiful and durable. They somehow have managed to maintain a spot in the hearts of homeowners, as they’ve been in use for centuries. Wooden frames are super stylish and energy efficient. 

Wooden window frames are quite costly and high maintenance. You need to treat them frequently to prevent termite infestation, which will weaken the wood. You’d also need to do some wood painting to maintain wood moisture.

  • Aluminum

Aluminum frames are extremely durable and can withstand harsh conditions. They’re not prone to insect attacks and are resistant to corrosion, which makes them the perfect window frames for homeowners who don’t have the time and money to take up the responsibility associated with high-maintenance materials.

  • Fiberglass

Fiberglass window frames are the least common frame materials used by homeowners. You’ll mostly find them in industrial buildings and coastal environments. They are durable, resistant to corrosive air, and great insulators. Fiberglass frames are also relatively expensive.

The good thing about fiberglass is its ability to resist temperature and weather changes. They are almost of similar composition with window glass panes. So, they contract and expand together, leaving no room for cracks or broken seals.

  • Composite

Composite frames are a combination of wood, vinyl, and aluminum. They are the most expensive window frame options. Composite window frames are great insulators, low-maintenance, and appealing too. 

Installing your windows the right way

Windows are delicate and essential to completing the structure of your house. To ensure its functionality, you’d need to adhere to some restrictions to prevent your apartment from feeling like an oven.

  • Hiring Professionals

Hiring a professional to help with the right measurements and installation process is important. Installation experts prevent damage to your building structure and the window itself. Avoid doing it yourself as much as possible, mistakes would be hard to correct.

  • Choose a Reputable Installation Company

Installation companies provide a wide variety of services ranging from consultation services to expert installers. These companies understand the local building codes and assign experts that adhere to these codes for efficient installation. You’d need to do a ton load of research to get the right company or contact installation companies based on recommendations.

  • Installers should comply with CSA standards

Installers should also have a full understanding of the CSA standards and comply accordingly. It is also important that they only approve of CSA-certified products for your safety. A water and air leaking test that is consistent with the North American fenestration standards should also be carried out by the Installer as a quality check.

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