Sportium hiring – looking to fill 100 new positions in Kirkland


Sportium hiring- In anticipation of the official grand opening of its brand new Kirkland store in November, Sportium, the largest sports store in Quebec, is organizing a major recruitment activity on August 8th and 9th, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. at its temporary warehouse at 16791, Hymus Boulevard. The company seeks to fill about one hundred full-time and part-time positions at the checkout desk, in customer service, as well as in different store departments.

Candidates are invited to come meet the recruiters for a short interview and explain why they are the ideal candidate to take on the Sportium challenge. They are encouraged to bring their curriculum vitae and a one-page account of their greatest athletic accomplishment and moments where they outdid themselves. Interested candidates can also apply beforehand on the career website at

We are starting to recruit now in order to ensure proper personnel training and to be fully prepared for the official store opening in November, says Norman Decarie, president and CEO of Groupe SAIL Plein Air Inc. We are also taking advantage of the summer season to prepare the store and the warehouse. In addition to its competitive prices and vast product and brand selection, Kirkland’s Sportium store will offer customized customer service to sports lovers, from beginners to seasoned athletes.

Sportium invests significantly in training human resources. Store employees include running and personal training specialists, as well as cycling, hockey, and racquet sports enthusiasts. In each department, clients can consult experienced advisors who share their passion for sports and are determined to match the client with the right product and information. While the store’s sheer size is truly impressive, clients will receive the same attentive service as any specialty boutique.

About Sportium

Sportium was launched by 100% made-in-Quebec company Groupe SAIL Plein Air Inc., founded over 40 years ago and whose headquarter is located in Laval. There are three Sportium stores: one in Quebec City, one in Saint-Hubert, and one in Laval. The fourth will open its doors in Kirkland this coming November. Just like its sister brand SAIL, the largest outdoor destination in Quebec, Sportium is known for its unique customer experience, and offers clients quality specialized service. Sportium is already recognized as one of Quebec’s leading sports equipment stores.

Recruitment open-house August 8th & 9th

16791, Hymus Boulevard, Kirkland

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