Top eight tips on how to create engaging video content for YouTube

how to create engaging video content for YouTube

Creating engaging video content for a growing YouTube channel is one way to ensure that your viewers subscribe and that your subscribers stick around. Film content shouldn’t be thought of as just another thing that your business or personal brand must do to succeed. As soon as you or your content team begins to slip into that attitude, you can just sit back and wait for the negative comments and thumbs down.    

Beyond the variety of different services offered to help to boost your YouTube likes, engaging video content is the next best thing! In this article, we will discuss 8 specific tips that will help you create engaging cinematography and prove to every person who stumbles across your channel that they need to subscribe!

  1. Capture Your Audience’s Attention and Maintain It

Capturing YouTube’s audience in 2021 is not as easy as it used to be. Five or ten years ago, a catchy title or some informational text may have been enough for getting likes, but now YouTubers are going to extreme lengths to grow their channel and garner views. A leading hook or question that keeps a viewer interested a bit longer, even if it’s just to get them through the intro or the first minute of the video, goes a long way. Typical hooks include phrases like “Are you ready to unlock the secret” or “Want to get 100,000 views next month?”. Your hook should be immediately attention-grabbing and key fellow social media browsers into the content they can expect on your channel.

A good hook increases watch time, decreases click-through rates, and will eventually lead to a jump in your YouTube subscribers and, most importantly, engagement. All of these goals should be at the top of your list if you are a beginning YouTuber or a content creator who already has a following and is now just on the path of growth.

  • Use a High Energy Voice – Understand Your Tone

Understanding your tone is one of the first steps to establishing your brand personality and increasing likes and views on your videos. If your tone is serious and your YouTube videos are meant to be informational, you may be directly on brand. On the opposite side of the spectrum, if your tone is silly and you’re meant to be motivating young individuals to make a change, you could be far off the mark. A tone isn’t necessarily something that you need to be actively thinking about while speaking but should be considered when you are scripting the words you will say. Sometimes, public speakers taking a step back from the script and trying to look at the big picture can be an effective way to establish a broader tone of voice.

  • Include Text, Titles & Lower Third Content

While it may seem like video content is more interesting than text or written titles, a blend of both is a proven method for success. When we mention text in the context of YouTube videos, we are not referring to entire pages of words that scroll like Star Wars, but rather a few descriptive words that help the viewer remember the point of the film.

So, what is the lower third content? The lower third content is verbiage usually found underneath an appearing character or interview subject during a film. Lower third content can also include descriptions of the set, explanations of the events about to be witnessed, and more. One of the more useful ways to use this type of description is to include a short bio of different individuals below their images as they enter the video.

  • Jump Cuts & Zoom Functions

As humans across the world spend more time watching videos and scrolling on their phones, we have developed the ability to zone out or become dazed while actively watching a clip or film. Jump cuts are a great way to reset the attention span of an otherwise bored scroller of YouTube or any other social media or social platform. In a similar way, that text on the screen provides a different background and forces the user to read, jump cuts, and the act of zooming can refocus a viewer on the content they are actively watching.

  • Speak in a Manner that is Easy to Follow

No run-on sentences when you are talking to your audience. That should be a rule that you always have in your mind. When you speak in long sentences that are difficult to understand, it’s easy to lose a viewer or large portion of your audience who can’t keep up with the topic at hand. In addition to speaking in short, succinct sentences, it’s essential to enunciate your voice without projecting too much or coming off as intimidating. If you take half an hour to watch and listen to a few popular YouTube videos, it’s easy to see that an energetic or comforting tone of voice is always better than a hectic or confused one.

  • Map Out Content & Don’t Be Afraid to do Several Takes

If you’ve watched a lot of short videos in your days on the YouTube app, you’ll know that there are a ton of content creators out there who clearly don’t script their talking verses. In the era of vlog content, extreme stunts, and other action-packed cinematography, it can be challenging to fit in scripted words and phrases (you should still try). On the other hand, if you’re making instructional walkthroughs or explanatory videos, you should script out some of your verbiages. If, at first, you don’t succeed, don’t be afraid to try several takes and even rewrite some of your lines if needed.

  • Ask for What you Want

Asking for what you want is a tactic that many YouTubers commonly ignore because it is either embarrassing or not in their practice to ask for followers or likes at the end of their video. However, as you accrue more and more followers, you’ll begin to notice that by simply suggesting that viewers like and click on the subscribe button, you’ll be able to boost your following in ways that had otherwise been impossible. Phrases like “If you’ve made it to the end of this video and are still enjoying the action, subscribe for more like this!” have been commonplace and a staple of successful YouTubers. Asking for what you want goes for likes and subscriptions as well as for sponsors and website links that you may be attempting to drive consumers to. After all, one of the best ways to be profitable on YouTube is to sell a product outside of YouTube! If you have a large following on YouTube or any other social or video platform, you miss out on opportunities for growth if you don’t have any merch or other products up for sale.

  • Include a Testimonial or Reputation Statement

As far as tips for creating engaging content on the platform that so many YouTubers call home, including a testimonial or reputation statement, is finally. There are countless marketers and speechwriters worldwide who live and die by the term “HOT intro”. The HOT intro stands for hook, outcome, and testimonial. The last of those mentioned above, the testimonial, is the creator’s way of convincing the viewers or audience members that their channel is the place to be! So, somewhere in your video, whether it be at the beginning or the end, you should be sure to include a testimonial or reputation statement that the viewer can use to convince themselves that you are trustworthy.

Be sure to stay tuned for more tips and tricks that will surely help you build a following on YouTube and other popular social platforms! While it’s true that nobody has figured out the perfect formula for YouTube success, a lot of content creators have gotten close.

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