Fortnite for beginners: How to get better at the game?

Fortnite for beginners

Now is probably the best time to start playing Fortnite. Even a year ago players were discovering new ways to play the game. Back then, you would discover a new trick every day, like piece control, side jumps, triple edits, Mongraal classic, the new Tifu classic, and many more. It was a lot to take in as a new player and increasingly harder to keep up with the meta, especially when you’re unaware of what works and what doesn’t. Here are some Fortnite for beginners tips.

Fortnite for beginners
Fortnite for beginners

However, there isn’t anything ‘new’ to learn as a new player. All the tools are available, and all you have to do is practice, and then and flex exclusive skins, which you can still get if you buy Fortnite account. In this guide, you’ll learn the absolute basics you need to master to improve your core gameplay. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

1. Quick and Efficient Box Build- Most of the fights in Fortnite happens in a box. So, winning a 1v1 scenario depends on how fast and you can box up while being shot. Building a box requires four walls, two floors, and two cones, which sums up to 80 materials. The most efficient way of building a box is to look straight down (at a 90° angle) and spin while you’re in construction mode. Being off by a few degrees will misplace the wall, inviting in all sorts of hell from the enemies.

2. Edit Key Bind for Better Efficiency- The ability to quickly start and reset an edit is the key to winning all 1v1 engagements. The best way to execute this swiftly is to bind ‘Building Edit’ and ‘Reset Building Edit’ to the mouse scroll, or controller inputs on XBOX and PS. By doing so, you can edit walls, take your shot and quickly reset it to shield yourself from enemy fire. Mastering this will win you more engagements and should wish to rack up even more wins, you can try ordering some Fortnite rank boosting services.

3. Mastering Edit Peeks- Fortnite’s third-person camera perspective allows players to peek behind walls and shoot without revealing themselves. The right-hand peek technique is the bread and butter in top-tier gameplay. The sooner you master it, the better you’ll get at scoring Victory Royales.

Fortnite for beginners

4. Blueprint edits- Players have to directly point the crosshair at the wall if they try to edit it while holding a weapon. However, if they’re holding the blueprint, they can edit a wall without looking at it directly. Taking advantage of this feature, you can increase your efficiency at landing shots, without moving the crosshair.

First, confirm an edit. It can be a half wall, window, or anything else. Shoot the enemy and quickly switch to the blueprint to reset the edit. Finally, swap back to your weapon. With blueprint edits, you get to keep the crosshair at the enemy, while editing and resetting walls.

Pros not only pack cool-looking gear, but they can execute the whole sequence in a flash. Learning these basics early on will help you become a better player. And if you want some exclusive skins to go along with those hard-earned skills, simply go ahead and buy Fortnite account and be the legend you’re meant to be.

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