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Canadian online casino

Canada is already a country of a far and beautiful future and one of the most beautiful places in the world. It is naturally an embodiment of the fulfilled potential of humanity. The urban modernity of Canada blended with its natural beauty makes it one of the leaders of today’s world. The country with the second-largest territory on the planet has many sources of pride, from its skyscrapers and advanced social patterns to the beauties of the Nunavut tundra. 

Running such a great country is impossible without proper regulations and legislation. That’s why for the efficient functioning of the gambling industry, Canadians have created robust laws.

Gambling is a problematic issue for the lawmaking of other nations all over the planet. Its legislation pushes different countries from one extreme to another, while Canada has already managed this question. Going over the heads of easy money, flexible Canadian laws, as usual, keep the society’s well-being.

Canadian online casino
Canadian online casino

Usually, online gambling falls into a so-called “gray area”. Providing betting services is possible only with a license or if a provider is owned by a government of the province. But there are thousands of exterior providers which offer Canadians billions of online games. And there are no strict prohibitions or regulations on them. Canadians are free to play at foreign platforms, which provide them such an option. In addition to all of the above, apart from federal laws, each province has its view of online gambling and its own methods of regulation.

Gambling in Canadian Provinces

Canada is divided into ten self-governing provinces: Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan and Alberta, British Columbia and New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Ontario, Manitoba and Quebec. Online players from any of them practice responsible gambling and read professional reviews of online casinos in Canada and games before joining them. That makes the gambling environment in Canada healthier.


The Canadian province with the highest population has so many landed casinos that almost ninety of Southern Ontario residents are within a one-hour drive of the nearest legal gambling facility. According to the 2011 poll, over eighty percent of adults within Ontario gambled at least once a year. We can be sure that COVID-19 made the numbers lower. But that doesn’t mean that people interested in gambling stopped betting during the lockdowns – all of them got interested in online games. 

Such a great savour to the gambling in the province made the authorities think more progressive and boost the legislation of online gambling. Ontario shaped a plan which will allow operators from the private sector to provide their games. The launch of the brand-new online market was lined up for December 2021. But over a matter of bureaucratic acrimony and sophisticated structure of the market, its launch is going to be delayed till February 2022. Nevertheless, Ontario will be the first province to follow such a path. Big international players will be able to pass from the gray market to the white and gamblers from Ontario will be able to find an online casino to play, reading amazing professional guides like Casino Niagara and Fallsview Casino. For the next little while, Ontario will become the best place for an exciting gambling experience in Canada.


Residents of this province are free to play at any online website that’s willing to accept them. But unfortunately, authorities in Quebec are not as progressive as in Ontario. The Quebec government has plans to block all online gaming platforms, which don’t have a license from Loto-Quebec. Even charitable games such as bingo in Quebec are regulated and licensed by this corporation.

Nova Scotia

The province has no online gambling platforms to offer its residents. That’s why people of Nova Scotia are free to join any of the cross border online casinos and sportsbooks absolutely legally, considering that there is great demand for it. There are only two land-based casinos in the province, and then at least eighty-seven percent of adults gamble at least once a year.

New Brunswick

In recent years, the authorities of New Brunswick have actively discussed the idea of developing their own online casino platforms by the example of British Columbia and Manitoba. As for, now residents of New Brunswick province are free to choose and play any of the offshore online casinos.


After the success of British Columbia with a project of a government-owned online gambling platform, Manitoba followed the same plan in 2013. For now, the only online gambling platform operated within the borders of the province is  PlayNow Manitoba.

British Columbia

There has been only one regulated and entirely legal website for online gambling in British Columbia since 2004 – PlayNow, owned by British Columbia Lottery Corporation. This site offers residents of the province sports betting, poker and bingo, lottery and different casino games.

Prince Edward Island

This province is one of those where exterior online gambling is unregulated. Prince Edward Island is the smallest in Canada and has the lowest gambling rates in the country. It means that there is a fat chance of enactment of any strict gambling-control laws shortly.

Newfoundland and Labrador

The province doesn’t permit casinos in its borders. So, for the citizens of Newfoundland and Labrador, there was nothing else to do but start gambling online. Luckily for the province residents, a great number of offshore online casinos are ready to offer their games to them.


A study by Statistics Canada indicates that residents of this province gamble more than citizens of any other of the Canadians. Providers of online gambling platforms are prohibited in Saskatchewan and can’t base their facilities there. But there are no restrictions about offshore online casinos and sportsbooks, which are incredibly popular among locals.


This province has the biggest population in Canada and a time-honoured tradition of sports and gambling. Almost over four percent of Alberta’s budget is received from the gambling revenue. Residents of the province are free to join any online gambling platforms without any limitations.

Gambling in the North

Except for the provinces, Canada has such administrative divisions as sparsely populated territories: Yukon, Nunavut, and the Northwest Territories. Their combined population is around a hundred thousand people. There are no restrictions for online gambling neither in Northwest Territories nor in Nunavut and Yukon. So, the locals are legally free to play any foreign online casinos they want.

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