6 Favourite casino games among Canadians

Favourite casino games

In case you’ve recently become interested in playing casino games, you might not be sure where to start. How about looking at the people around to see what they are opting for? Here are the most popular games in Canada.

The popularity of casinos in Canada

With each province and territory of Canada having the power to regulate the activity as they see fit, casinos have become rather popular in some areas. Even those that have not yet properly regulated the field allow residents to look for foreign websites that provide them with a chance to indulge in the practice. That means that playing online casino games in Canada is not difficult at all; what is more, it’s very easy to find a game that suits one’s preferences. These are the six most popular casino games in the country.


The fact that slot games are among the most popular in Canada should not come as a surprise. Without a doubt, slots are the easiest game to understand and play. There are no special rules that one has to learn beforehand or particular strategies that they have to rely on. A player only has to choose a game, make a bet, and watch the reels spin. Certain combinations of symbols can lead to different prizes, all of which should be listed in the game’s description. There are a few variations of the game, one of them being progressive slots. While all slots can have a potentially huge jackpot, progressive ones see the prize pool grow until someone wins big. Another big draw of this game is that it comes in thousands of themes, ranging from food to celebrities all the way to other media like TV and film. Slots are easy to find online and they typically come with interesting promotions.


Another interesting game for a beginner is roulette. There are also a few versions of the game, including European and American, with slightly different rules. However, it’s not too difficult to understand. There is a table with different options and a wheel where a ball will be placed. Players have to decide on their bet and watch as the ball lands on a number and color. Experts have their strategies for winning big, but novices can also try out a few, such as always betting on black or on odd numbers.


Potentially the biggest casino game in the world, and in Canada as well, is blackjack. Its simple rules have made it very popular among players. Moreover, there are also countless possible outcomes, which means that no two games will be completely the same. In terms of playing, there is the dealer and at least one player, while there can be more. The goal of the game is to get as close as possible to 21 without going over the number. If a player’s total of cards goes over 21, they lose the bet. This is also the reason why this game is sometimes called Twenty-One. However, the players do not play against each other but only against the dealer. There are different variations of blackjack as well, all with their own specific rules.


A game that resembles blackjack in a way is baccarat. They are both simple and fun. Moreover, there is also a dealer, but the player doesn’t play directly against them. Instead, the player can bet on the result of the game. With that in mind, there are three outcomes that can happen: the player wins, the dealer wins, or it’s a tie. A player can bet on the dealer and still win. Sounds complicated, but it’s rather easy to get into.


Of course, poker cannot be overlooked when talking about casino games. Often the first thing that comes to mind in terms of casinos, poker is a favourite of many players. It’s easy to find both online and offline, and the rules are also easy to understand. Poker is a great alternative for individuals who want to see what it feels like to compete directly against other people. Some games come with a high entrance fee, so it’s recommended for beginners to look for some less risky alternatives until they get the hang of things and adopt some strategies. Furthermore, seeing as how it’s played against others, there are some tells that could give away a player’s hand; this is why many prefer live poker where others cannot see them.


Last but not least, craps is also a popular game in Canada. Up to 20 players can take part in this classic game at once. There is a rather complex-looking table and two dice. Each player will make a bet, aka guess the numbers the dice will show, and roll them to see how lucky they were.

What game are you going to try first? Are any of these of particular interest to you? Try them out if you haven’t already and you’re sure to have a fun time.

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