A guide to CBD gummies


CBD is one of the largest and fastest growing markets around the globe. Not too long ago, there was very little information regarding the effects of CBD on the body. However, within the last couple of years, it is taken over the wellness industry. 

According to CBDOilIreland.ie there are tons of existing as well as new and upcoming CBD products that are being accepted and used globally as a food supplement.

If you didn’t already know, CBD is derived from a plant known as the hemp plant. However, there are over 120 naturally occurring cannabinoids that are found within the plant. Just like CBD, THC is another common cannabinoid. THC also has psychoactive compounds and affects the body accordingly.

While persons can get very high from using THC, they won’t have the same feeling when they use CBD. Since it doesn’t affect the mental capacity of humans, it is being welcomed by the wellness community and it exists in several different forms. Some persons prefer to use CBD in its natural oil form while others don’t due to the undesirable taste.

As a result, CBD is now available in a gummy form commonly known as CBD gummies. This form removes the undesirable taste as previously mentioned. Since, it’s still considered as a new compound, most people tend to have a ton of questions including the legality and use of different products. Read on as we dive into everything that you need to know about CBD gummies as well as the pros and cons involved.

What are CBD gummies?

After CBD oil is manufactured via the extraction of Cannabidiol from the plant, it is then suspended in an inert oil. Some of these include coconut oil and the manufacturing process is the same for making gummies. However, the difference is that the Cannabidiol is firstly mixed into the oil where it is cooked into a gummy form.

In the line of CBD edibles, there are tons of others just like CBD gummies that you can easily find in just about any supplement store. CBD gummies come in various shapes and colours that match their flavours. So, if you’re fond of a particular flavour, you’ll be able to find just about anything that you desire.

CBD gummies 101 what are the pros and cons

– The pros of CBD gummies

While there are tons of other CBD supplements, gummies have remained a favourite for a long time. This is due to the fact that they are more appealing to most when compared to other variants of CBD. The following are the pros of CBD gummies:

 * Inconspicuous – If you’re planning to consume these tasty treats in secret, why not do so with CBD gummies. They are very private and in a public setting, no one will ever know because they look just like regular candy or gummies. So, you can easily enjoy them without being judged harshly in public from those who consider cannabis as undesirable.

 * Tasty – One of the main reasons why CBD gummies are so popular is the fact that they are truly a treat. They are offered in a range of flavours which makes it easy for anyone to eat and enjoy the benefits.

 * Fits Nicely Into Your Daily Routine – These gummies can be easily incorporated into your daily routine. They can be taken as another vitamin when you’re indulging in your regular regime. When taken regularly, they have a better chance at providing a wide range of benefits to you.

 * Easy To Dose – Unlike other forms of CBD, gummies come packed with the appropriate dose that is needed. If you’re just getting into it, this form of CBD is perfect for you.

 * Good For Kids – If you’re planning to give small amounts of CBD to your children, you can easily do so with these gummies.

– The cons of CBD gummies

 * Gummies tend to have a much lower bioavailability when compared to other variants of CBD.

 * Gummies can also be much more expensive than CBD oil depending on who manufactured the gummies.

 * Gummies are known for containing undesirable additives (flavouring and colouring)

 * CBD gummies are not recommended for those who are allergic to certain foods or those who cannot eat gelatin or gluten.

 * These gummies usually take a longer time to work.

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