Did online betting recover after COVID-19 in Canada?


Although the outbreak of coronavirus put an end to various businesses, some are flourishing right now, like the online betting platforms in Canada. While betting sites have been around for decades, they have become more popular in the past couple of months. At the moment, Canada is among the top countries in the world when it comes to gambling online.

The demand for online gaming keeps growing, and betting farm operators are only expecting an increase in the number of players and profits by 2025. With this in mind, it is safe to say that the popularity is likely to withstand in many years to come. The COVID-19 pandemic is not the only reason. However, it has helped bring a lot of gamblers who have never placed bets online to the table.

Tablets and smartphones provide the possibilities of playing from anywhere, anytime, leading to a sense of comfort. These devices make the whole gaming experience more accessible, and they’re one of the main reasons for the recovery of online betting. Currently, Canadians can place wagers more often since they aren’t limited by having to access the services on desktops or laptops.

But did online betting in Canada recover after COVID-19? To learn more, read the following sections before you can visit smartbettingguide.com to see some of the recommended betting sites that offer competitive odds on all ongoing real events during this lockdown period.

Indicators that show online betting has recovered

As lockdown measures continue to ease, online betting is expected to boom. The coronavirus pandemic negatively affected the sports betting sector as almost all events came to an end. With matches, games, and races postponed, there was no event on which people could place bets on. 

Even eSports also suffered, with major tournaments being cancelled. However, between May and June, various sports and events started to resume, and many punters began to place bets at different sportsbooks in Canada.

Currently, many sportsbooks offer both sports betting services and casino games. So during the lockdown, many sports lovers and punters shifted towards casino games. But when the sports restarted, most of them continued to place bets on different events.

The only hindrance is that sports betting fans cannot attend the live events and support their respective teams or competitors. However, the government has plans to reopen competition venues for all sports lovers with strict measures such as social distancing being adhered to.

Lots of sports to place wagers on

At the moment, almost all sporting events have resumed, meaning online betting had recovered. If you love sports betting, then you are one of the happiest individuals out there. Since early this year, the coronavirus crisis had put most of the sports events on hold. There were no international or domestic events to watch and wager on. However, after a few months, some popular sports made a comeback. Here are some of the sports that Canadian players can place their bets on during the lockdown.

  • Football: Football is one of the most popular sports in the universe. And currently, there are many leagues in operation, including the EPL and Champions League. Since you have a lot of free time, you can now search online for predictions and previews for all upcoming games and place winning bets.
  • Table Tennis: Aside from football, table tennis is another event that players can bet on. And the best thing is that many sports betting sites offer competitive odds on table tennis. During this pandemic, you can sit down and place bets on this popular sport.
  • Horse Racing: Despite many sporting events being postponed due to coronavirus, several racetracks across the world remained in operation. And they are still operating. This means that you can support your favourite competitor by placing a bet.
  • eSports: Competitive gaming is not something new. Millions of people have been watching major eSports events. However, many betting fans haven’t been familiar with this type of competition, meaning a few of them have been placing bets on eSports. But since many sports were not available to place wagers on, many realized that they could bet on eSports. And up to now, you can still earn some cash when you bet on eSports.

How the COVID-19 pandemic has fueled online betting in Canada

In the past few months, the daily lives and regular habits of every individual have changed. Both mental and physical impacts of the coronavirus outbreak have resulted in increased use of internet gambling services. Below are some of the ways through which the pandemic fueled online betting.


Very few individuals are used to spending hours or even days in their homes. Cut off from outdoor activities, workplaces, and classes, many people started to feel bored. The COVID-19 pandemic itself lent stress about the health, work, and relationships of many people.

These feelings, along with the shift of interactions, created a perfect storm for individuals to look for something to keep them busy for several hours, and that is how they started to place wagers on different sports and events that have resumed.

Loss of jobs

Many individuals lost their jobs, including those that used to work in land-based betting destinations that were shut down to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Due to this, many sports fans started to look for ways that can help them make some cash.

And thanks to the return of almost all sports in the world, punters had something to place bets on. And those who were lucky enough have already earned some significant amounts of money from sports betting.

Final thoughts

With plenty of sporting events currently available to bet on, it is clear that online betting recovered after Covid-19. To enjoy your betting experience, you only need to look for a top sportsbook in Canada.

Before you can join, you should be able to check if it offers the best odds on your favourite sporting events. Additionally, it should also meet all of your betting needs and requirements, including payment methods, bonuses and promotions, and mobile compatibility, to mention just a few of them.

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