Don’t mess up your marijuana crop: Tips to improve bud trimming

bud trimming

Bud trimming is one of the boring but necessary parts of cultivating marijuana. In order to produce higher quality yield (pun intended), you need to learn how to adequately trim the buds. As it’s said – practice makes perfect! To avoid randomly shearing your plant, here are some tips on how to improve your bud trimming game.

Why should you trim?

There are some weed gardeners who skip the trimming altogether, allowing the plant to naturally grow. However, to ensure your weed is as potent as it can get, you should probably consider trimming the buds. Plants which have dead leaves still attached produce a much harsher final product.

So, in order to get the smoothest smoke out of your buds, you should trim them after harvest. Another reason for bud trimming is the aesthetic one. Buds look cleaner when they’re trimmed resulting in higher sales. If you’d like to make your trimming practice as smooth as possible, consider purchasing the Centurion trimmer.

When should you trim?

There should be some sporadic pruning of your foliage as the plant grows. However, the focus is on dry trimming. Depending on when you trim the buds, you are either dry trimming or wet trimming. It is important to mention that no matter the method, buds should be trimmed after they’ve been harvested.

Wet Trimming

Wet trimming implies that the trimming was done before the plant has dried out. This is a great choice for you if you’d like your plants to look very smooth and tidy. Additionally, trimming before you dry the buds out will lessen the risk of mold ruining your yield.

Another positive aspect of wet trimming is that after some manicuring your buds will dry out faster. However, there is one downside to wet trimming. Because the drying process is quicker your buds will have a more potent smell. If this doesn’t concern you, this method is ideal for you.

Dry Trimming

Many commercial producers opt for dry trimming because they often work on time constraints. However, dry trimming is a great option for small operations too. If you don’t want your shears to get sticky while cutting and if you don’t care that much about the ultimate look of your produce this method is a better option.

Trimming Tools You’ll Need

Having perfect yield is the result of your hard work and the equipment you use. Equipment is especially important if you’re growing indoors. Professionals recommend you have two pairs of pruning shears, particularly if you opt for wet trimming. Your scissors will get quite sticky from all the pruning, so switching up your scissors from time to time is a great idea. Also, make sure your shears are exceptionally sharp and aren’t hard to clean.

Don’t Touch the Flowers

While you’re pruning the bud, the way you’re holding it is crucial. If you’d like to have the highest quality product, try to avoid touching the special flower. This is especially important for dry trimming since the buds are more brittle when less humid. The branches and stems should be the only ones being fondled.

Trim systematically

Experts recommend you follow a certain system while trimming to ensure you get the most out of your crop. You should trim the biggest fan leaves before moving on to the smaller ones. Another piece of advice is to go from the bottom of the plant to its top. This way you’ll have better access to the top of the plant where actual buds are located. Also, this technique will ensure you don’t hurt the lovely flowers.

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