Entertainment is NOT dating education


By Frank Kermit ND, Relationships


frankpicThe entertainment industry is not concerned with educating audiences about relationships.  The entertainment industry is only interested in one thing: entertaining you in a way that turns a profit.  Although there is nothing wrong with entertainment such as movies, television, and so on and it is perfectly OK (and absolutely necessary) for businesses to turn a profit, the issue that I see in my practice, stems from the fact that human beings sometimes will mistake what has been produced for entertainment purposes only, as an example to be followed in their love lives.

Women wait to be rescued by a handsome rich stranger instead of building their own wealth and making efforts to seek out their own partners.  Men assume that allowing women to mother them as just friends will eventually turn that friend into a lover.  The stories that entertain us may also mislead us.

To be clear, the entertainment industry is not to blame, nor should it be censored or altered to be more educational.  That is not its mandate. The issue is not the entertainment industry per se.  It has to do with the fact that human beings are a species of influence-able creatures.  Environments influence human beings, including what we see, what we hear and what we experience; that environment includes what entertainment we are exposed too.  If you removed every aspect of our entertainment lives, we would still be just as influenced by the people and events around us.  Each time you witness one person helping another fix a flat tire, it shall influence you to likely help out the next person you see with a flat tire.

The key is not modifying our entertainment, but bringing in better education.  As long as people are educated about how to think critically and rationally about anything in their environment that can and will influence them, then people can make sure to only take actions that are in their best long-term interests.  Whether people need an education to learn how to interpret TV shows, commercials, movies, theatre or have to learn to interpret their own families unhealthy repeating behavior patterns, it is important to understand that what you have always been exposed too, is not an automatic example of what is normal behavior to enact or take part in.

I wish I could say that people should look to their own families for examples of what love and relationships are instead of looking at our entertainment media.  Unfortunately, with the high divorce rates in place, it seems that the very people that needed to exemplify those patterns of love and relationships are failing miserably.  A society of absolute choice when it comes to dating, but no actual skills to be able to manage that abundance of choice, is resulting in a chain of broken relations.

It always comes down to everyone having different emotional needs (whether healthy needs or not) and seeking to have those emotional needs addressed.  However, a personal education in relationships is something people have to choose to take action on.  Until then at least remember that what entertains you does not equal what must educate you when it comes to finding love.

Frank Kermit, ND is Montreal’s #1 Dating-and-Relationship Coach and a Naturo-Therapist. Insurance receipts available. Call (514) 680-3278. He is a best selling author, keynote speaker, match-maker, conducts pre-marital coaching, relationship columnist for The Montreal Times Newspaper and also appears regularly on the Dr Laurie Betito radio program Passion on CJAD 800 AM.  Grab a free copy of Frank’s $30 book Friends To Lovers Formula at www.friendstoloversformula.com

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