A step by step guide on how to install solar panels

solar panels

Where’s it the sunniest in the United States? Yuma, Arizona, gets 4300 hours of sun every year, making it the sunniest place in the United States. Can you imagine how much energy solar panels could produce on a house there?

Thankfully, you don’t have to live in the sunniest state to take advantage of solar power. A lot of places all over the country are prime spots for solar.

Do you want to learn how to install solar panels for your home? Let us walk you through each of the steps so that you can install your solar array with confidence.

Read on to learn the right way to set up a solar system.

Choose Your Solar System

Before you learn how to install solar panels, you’ll need to decide what type of system you need. You could get a grid-tied, a grid-tied with power backup, and an off-grid system.

A grid-tied system will use a solar panel and an inverter. It’ll be the most cost-effective choice if you have access to power lines.  The only downside is that you’ll still be prone to power outages.

If backup power is essential for your home, you should do a grid-tied system that includes a battery bank. The battery bank will serve as your backup power system if you experience an outage.

An off-grid system takes an entirely different approach by using a solar panel array, inverter, and battery bank. You’ll also have an optional generator that you can add to your off-grid system.

Off-grid systems will be able to power your property without access to the utility grid at all. It doesn’t matter if you live near power lines; you’ll still be able to qualify for an off-grid design. Off-grid systems cost a lot more, but they’re much cheaper to run.

Choose Your Location

Once you know the type of system you’d like to set up, you’ll need to decide whether you want ground mounts or roof mounts. Roof mounts are going to be less expensive.

Roof mounts cost less because they will use your roof as an existing structure to create their foundation. Roof mounts aren’t only less expensive, they’re also faster to install. You’ll need fewer materials, and you’ll be utilizing unused space. We also find that it’s easier to get permits for roof-mounted solar panels when compared to ground mounts.

Ground mounts, on the other hand, take up quite a bit of space. However, they’re going to be the easiest to access when it comes time to clean and maintain your solar array.

You’ll have the best control over the exact positioning of your array as well to get the most energy! Another advantage is that the ground mount will make setting up the perfect design easier.

Instead of being accountable for the dimensions of your roof, you can lay out your foundation in a way that makes sense. Another advantage of ground mounts is that your solar system won’t have to be replaced if you wind up needing a roof replacement.

Buying Solar Panels

Now it’s time to start the process of buying solar panels. Only purchase from name brand contractors, with good online reviews. You can do a search for solar installation near you, to find reputable contractors.

When the shipment arrives, inspect it thoroughly to make sure that nothing is damaged or missing. Then thoroughly review all of the safety guidelines for installing your system.

Keep things nice and organized as you unbox the solar system.  Notice what materials you need that weren’t included in the shipment, and head out to your local hardware store to secure them today. For instance, you might need extra tools or wiring. You’re also going to need an electrical wiring diagram.

They should include a wiring diagram when receiving your shipment. The diagram will outline the exact length and size of the wires you need for your project.

Mounting and Installing the Best Solar Panels

Once you have all of the details for your wiring and electrical plan, you need to mount your solar panels. If you decide to move forward with the roof mounts, the first step is to locate and mark all of the roof rafters.

Securely install the roof attachments so that your rails will stay firmly in place. Then you’ll need to install the racking rails so that you can lift the panels up onto your roof. Finally, you’ll carefully mount the solar panels onto the rails.

Did you decide to go with the ground mount instead? Then you’ll have fewer steps, but it’s going to take longer since you have to make a foundation.

To make a solid foundation, you’re going to need to mount all of your racking rails. The company you buy your equipment from will include some type of ground mount system.

Hopefully, you’ll also receive an engineering report that explains how deep to dig the anchor holes. Follow the directions closely to make sure that your ground mount is structurally sound.

Concrete Warning

You’ll need concrete to create your foundation, so make sure you have the proper protective gear. When concrete mixes with water, it becomes highly acidic with a pH of 12. It can cause serious injuries if it’s on your skin for a prolonged period of time.

It’s also a good idea to get a respirator with a rating of N95, so the concrete dust doesn’t get in your lungs. Once you have the foundation, you can install the racking railing and mount the panels on top of the rails.

Understanding How to Install Solar Panels

By learning how to install solar panels on your home, you can take your future into your own hands. Instead of relying on fluctuating utility bills, you can cut out your electricity bill once and for all.

Since the first step is deciding what type of system you’ll need, go ahead and take some time to think about it today. Would your home do better with the grid tide system or an off-grid system?

Once you decide, you can buy the best solar panels on the market. Get more smart buying tips by reading another one of our articles.

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