Expo 67 new passport celebrating 50 years later #375mtl


Expo 67 new passport – A new, free connected passport will be available for 14 events commemorating the 50th anniversary of Expo 67 that are part of the official program for Montréal’s 375th anniversary. Inspired by the iconic original passport as a tribute, the new version, connected via RFID chip, will allow holders to take advantage of a range of exclusive content and additional offers for the exhibitions.

New expo 67 passports

The new passport will be available in paper and electronic formats. As they did at the time, holders will be able to collect stamps @ this time either physical or virtual @ showing the activities they visited. The limited edition paper passport will be available from participating businesses, and the electronic version can be found on the 375 MTL app http://www.375mtl.com/en/app/

Two Montrealers from different generations who have their own special stories about Expo year are spokespeople for Expo 67 @ 50 years later and share their experience.

Expo 67 passport visa stamps

During Expo 67, the world opened up to us and Montréal opened up to the world. The conversations, celebrations and encounters would make Montréal a city everyone wanted to visit and get to know. It had a major cultural impact on all Quebecers, me included.- Louise Latraverse

My parents met at Expo 67. My father is from Africa, and my mother is from Montreal. I am a living, breathing example of the impact this exhibition had on Québec and Montréal, but also of new encounters between people of all origins! – Philippe Fehmiu

For Montréal’s 375th anniversary, it is important to highlight an event that left an indelible mark on Québec and Montréal. It’s an incredible opportunity for every generation to relive this important moment in Montréal’s history. Those who experienced it can delve into their memories. Younger people can discover this major milestone, which was a forerunner of a knowledge base rich in innovations and that left a legacy that endures 50 years later. After all these years, we can still see the permanent traces Expo 67 left in many fields, such as architecture, design and fashion, as well as an openness to the world and the ability to live together in harmony that are so typical of Montréal. It’s a priceless legacy!Alain Gignac, director of the Celebrations of Montréal’s 375th anniversary

Passports are available from participating businesses presenting an event during Expo 67 @ 50 years later beginning April 28, 2017, the anniversary of the start of Expo 67. http://www.375mtl.com/en/programming/expo-67-50-ans-plus-tard-84/

The passport at a glance:

€¢ Free and for everyone

€¢ Connected to the 375 MTL app http://www.375mtl.com/en/app/

€¢ Exclusive content and promotional offers

€¢ Fun to activate through terminals at exhibition sites

€¢ Connected to the 375 MTL app http://www.375mtl.com/en/app/

€¢ Allows holders to collect stamps (physical and virtual)

€¢ Offers a unique Expo 67 experience EXPO 67 @ 50 YEARS LATER EVENTS

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